Pay Phone Free Library and Other Libraries of Things

We’ve written about the little free library movement before and continue to be delighted at where the idea is popping up. Here, a pay phone booth is repurposed as a tiny “take a book, leave a book” library  in Houston, Texas, outside local coffee house Black Hole,  with a laundromat next door. Perfect.

It reminds us of garden bombers and other generous guerilla  actions that make life better. And that all it takes to create a free library is a small pile of books and a sign.

Well, er, not just books. A library can lend ANYTHING. Leila in Berlin is an “All Sharing Shop” where anyone can borrow books, games, tools, housewares, clothing, storage…even hugs. But what we LOVE most is that you can borrow power tools. Awesome. Read more about the “borrowing shop” here.

Leila borrowing shop Berlin

Free libary via; Leila via Susan Dworski, with thanks!

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