Dept of Impermanence: Finding the Possibility in Broken

Maria Robledo sent us this portrait of a pitcher she made recently in her new explorations working with clay. When we asked her about it, her email read like a poem:

I broke the pitchers handle and a bit if its back, before it was bisqued (fired) in the kiln.
The clay is still able to disolve
In a wet process.
I liked the angle of the break and saw a possibility to salvage the little thing with a technique involving lightly sanding it slowly gently against a rough
I shaped the angle almost by following the actual break.
This is moving me in other directions in the pottery making 🙂

That is SOME broken object: an artwork unto itself.

Maria followed the path of accidental breakage, transforming it into something ELSE.

We are knocked out!

3 Responses to Dept of Impermanence: Finding the Possibility in Broken

  1. johanna 04.10.2014 at 6:27pm #

    another possibility on broken: repaired objects: (scroll down on the pages)

  2. maria robledo 04.10.2014 at 11:16pm #

    THANKS Sally,
    Swell ,hurray for a good break.

  3. Sally 04.14.2014 at 10:39am #

    These repairs are beautiful and curiously humbling: embracing/celebrating the flaws and breaks. Thank you for the links.

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