Cool Glass Side Table for Unkempt Books

Just about everyone we know has on-going piles of books they are in the process of reading somewhere in their house, whether it be along side the sofa (us), the bathroom (us), or on the bed table (MANY people). The New York Times Book Reviews’ weekly column By the Book asks writers what is currently on their night stands.

So we were intrigued by this glass night stand that acts as a kind of invisible corral for books, keeping them inline in a kind of unkempt way and giving them a decorative books as objet effect. 

Judging from this image chock full of glass side tables spotted at Annaleenas Hem, they’re not that hard to come by:

The bookfilled glass table is a novel play on the loose free-form piles we’ve seen elsewhere:

Covet Garden Magazine

Covet Garden Magazine


via Desire to Inspire via Casa dos Outros



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