Hanna Eshel’s Dream Loft with Sculpture

The truly inspiring, we-want-to-see-MORE piece in the recent New York Times Style Magazine is A Love Eternal, a short piece about artist Hanna Eshel and her Noho New York loft full of windows, light, and her elemental sculptures. What a vibe and look, from the patched floor to the 70’s style tracklights, plinths with artworks, ongoing projects, plants, sculptural plywood stools, white everywhere,  even the simple elevated loft bed, which here manages not to be a cliche.

Hanna Eshel / 1st Dibs

Hanna Eshel / 1st Dibs

In What’s in a Name?, a prose poem on her site, Eshel writes:

I still own no house or country home, no diamonds, furs or cars-
I am weightless – does this make me a CITIZEN OF SPACE?
But my marble keeps me anchored!



You can see an array of Eshel’s work here. But we think they’re most compelling seen in a space as they are here.

Hanna Eshel/Mondo Cane

Hanna Eshel / Mondo Cane

Read more about Hanna Eshel in 1st Dib’s great pdf here.



The artist, her work, and her space, are a wonder!

via The New York Times Magazine

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