DIY-ish Slab Wood Head Board

We’ve been mulling headboards for a while, thinking how wonderful it would be to have a huge slab of beautiful wood as a headboard, perhaps slightly angled leaning against the wall. We found an image that matched what was in our head and followed the trail to A Cup of Jo and read part of the tale. Ashley Bruhn, blogger of Hither and Thither, and her husband found were on a vacation to Bali when they came across the 600-lb, 11-foot piece of Saur, a fast-growing, non-endangered hardwood, and had it shipped to California. 

On that amazing wood headboard: We can never move! It weighs a ton! We bought it on our vacation in Bali. There were a few shops that sold giant slabs of a fast-growing hardwood called Saur, and we went to each one trying to imagine how we could somehow incorporate something into our home. Once we decided on a headboard, we had to take a bit of a risk that we could fit it into our house. Thank goodness it worked out—or the seven guys who helped bring it inside would have killed us! 

Ashley Bruhn/Hither & Thither

Ashley Bruhn/Hither & Thither

You can read more about their process at Hither and Thither.  The strategy: You don’t need to travel to Bali to find big slabs of wood. Search outlets for reclaimed wood by googling “reclaimed wood” or “salvaged lumber” along with your state and city. We found services popping up who will are salvaging and sawing massive trees downed by storms and other extreme weather events.

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