Lady Gaga’s Flying Dress

We confess to not paying much attention to Lady Gaga (is it our age, or just interest?). But we are charmed, smitten and amazed at the crazy-wondrous flying dress she had commissioned. This video about it offers a compelling overview of clear possibilities in the realm of personal travel. Will we soon each be able to have “a personal aerial vehicle with style….”, to leap, fly or just glide?

via Dezeen

3 Responses to Lady Gaga’s Flying Dress

  1. johanna 04.30.2014 at 1:28am #

    wow, wow, wow
    that is too awesome.
    i hope i will be able to have a personal flying thing of some sort before i get too old to use one 🙂

  2. Eleanor 04.30.2014 at 6:55am #


  3. Sally 04.30.2014 at 2:12pm #

    Moi aussi!

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