Annals of Bad Design: Gigantic Glass Door Demands Clear Space to Open

The big glass picture window door looks great at first, affording an expansive view of the garden. But think of the arc of that door as it opens — a good 5 feet at least! You couldn’t have any furniture or planters in the way, because a door needs unobstructed space to open. The door then dictates what happens in the garden.

Look closely at this living room and it seems seriously disjointed: there’s a coffee table right in front of the glass door that appears to have no chairs nearby. The rocker in the corner seems lonely, engulfed by a big lamp, books on the floor. The sofa, facing away from the view, has no table to put anything on…

So much for shelter-porn: as strangely unreal as real porn.

Amorfo Architecture (

Amorfo Architecture

Perhaps the garden is bigger than it looks, and can handle quite a bit of unused space. but it looks kind of bleak.

Amorfo Architecture (

Amorfo Architecture

via My Scandinavian Home, with thanks to Susan Dworski

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