Unexpected Chic of Garden Chairs Indoors via Andrée Putman

Another simple, surprising re-envisioning of an ordinary object by interior designer Andrée Putman: vintage garden chairs used forthrightly as dining chairs — indoors. They are comfortable and bouncy and have a similar, strangley modern feel as her modernized clawfoot tub. 

The white chairs in the image are classic Retro, easily found at yard sales and on Ebay. We’ve also seen knockoffs online, but can’t vouch for them as we haven’t seen them in person.

retro garden chairjpg


If they’re well-made enough, we could imagine taking their new shine down a few notches using a super fine sanding sponge, the technique we use to tone down/rough up  A LOT of new stuff.

We love Putnam’s thinking. WHY NOT use outdoor furniture indoors if it’s stylish and comfortable?  She put it to wider commercial use by designing a furniture line called Inside Out for French patio furniture maker Fermob that is still sold today.

We been using a white zero-gravity reclining French beach chair in our space for years. It’s the perfect chair to nap  or read in when we need a break from work.

LaFuma beach chair white

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