Beautiful, Mysterious Slat Paintings + On Kawara

We stumbled on this compelling interior at aqqindex and were smitten by the slats of colored wood displayed on the wall, someone’s-we’don’t-know-whose artwork. Research hasn’t yielded the answer, but did tell us that the image is really about the small blue painting propped on the right of the mantle. It is one of Japanse-born Conceptual artist On Kawara’s iconic Date Paintings. Photographer Candida Hofer made a book of the intimate spaces where On Kawara’s paintings reside in the homes of private collectors.

The image is from: Candida Hofer: On Kawara, Date Paintings in Private Collections. We’ve learned a lot from that single image which is curiously packed with design ideas. We would still love to know about the fab wood slat artwork.

We found another An Kawara here:

Anna Sulikowska

Anna Sulikowska

The room is PACKED with art: Photos: Bruce Nauman/ Studies for holograms, chocolate gnome sculpture: Paul McCarthy / Peter Paul Chocolate, Painting: On Kawara/ Feb 27, 1990, bamboo leaf mobile: Gabriel Orozco /Bamboo balls, encased bullets on the coffee table: Chris Burden / Roundies and pointies, cupie doll between chairs: Dr. Lakra/ Untitled, books: Carol Bove/ Touching, wooden crate: Rirkrit Tiravanija/ Untitled

Bottom photo via Zero 1 Magazine 


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