Listen to (and Watch) All of Bach Online at a Remarkable New Site

This morning first thing, we listened to J.S. Bach’s Herr Gott, Dich Loben Alle Wir Chorale (BWV 130): PERFECT music to start the day. And along with it, as we went our morning routine, was the vision of musicians performing it. There is something remarkable about having the performance “live” even if we only check in here and there to watch. Every week at the beautifully-designed All of Bach site, you will find a new recording of one Johann Sebastian Bach’s 1080 works, performed by The Netherlands Bach Society and many guest musicians. (You can even read texts of the vocals and hear musicians talk about the music.)

It is great music to work to as well.

Here’s a list of their first recordings to get you going:

via Open Culture

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