How-To Hang A Hammock Indoors

When I was a teenager, I hung a hammock in my room.  I don’t know how I got the gumption to do it, but I’d brought a simple cotton hammock back from Mexico and somehow found a pair of strong hammock hooks meant to screw into wood studs. Which is what I did: a hook on opposite walls so the hammock hung at an angle, with no obstructions.

My friends and I spent hours in that hammock, one or the other take turns swinging and hanging out. It was a joy. When I left home, I took the hooks with me, hoping to find another space with beams strong enough to hold a hammock. I still have them. Although that’s not to say I haven’t continued to put up hammocks here and there, in a variety of ways.

Bohemium Homes

Bohemium Homes

Hammocks can, of course, be tied between two trees, or from one patio railing to another, which I did with the small jute hammock I brought back from the Amazon.

Lately, I’ve been seeing pictures of indoor hammocks and they’ve brought back that feeling of lazy ease. If you have no studs in which to put screw hook… hammock hooks


…we wonder if you could use these hooks in sheet rock, with molly bolts and possible wood cladding between the studs (consult with someone about it!)…

hammock_hooks for sheet rock?


…you can always use a hammock stand, if you’ve got the room…bought or… hammock with stand …DIY. Check out this handsome one that uses 4 x 4s and special brackets. Also available here. hammock diy 1


Todd Selby

Todd Selby

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  1. Nathan Johnson 03.08.2016 at 12:57pm #

    I have always wanted to have a hammock! I have been thinking about buying one and installing it on my back porch. However, I also really like the idea of hanging it indoors: how whimsical! These are some good ideas to make that happen. We’ll see if I can convince my wife it is a good idea. Thanks for the info!

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