How to Hide an Ugly Flat Screen TV

We’ve long wondered why we see so many huge ugly black flat-screen televisions proudly displayed on walls of living rooms, often above the mantle…especially given that their design remains charmless and archaic. (HELLO! Will someone make a white one please?….for starters).

One of the best disguises we’ve seen for flat-screens is a painting or mirror that sits in front of the TV on special hinges that lift it up when you want to watch TV. An especially beautiful iteration of this idea was in the New York Times T Magazines’ recent house tour of the Greenwich Hotel’s sumptuous penthouse suite. The bedroom TV is concealed behind what looks like a minimalist abstract painting, but is really a panel made of antique Flemish linen.

Houzz has compiled a number of versions of this idea made by using a ready-made kit from TVCoverUps. This one uses TVCoverUps’ hardware in tandem with custom built panel and art.

The great, trusty hardware company Hafele (who made our brilliant sliding office wall hardware) makes a number of cabinet door lift systems for DIYers or your cabinet maker. They provide instructional videos and pdfs, along with precise measurements. It could be used to lift a deep panel of stretched linen —like an artist’s canvas — framed in hardwood strips.

The TV can still be on an arm that moves it out from a wall…

It’s a cleaner look than the handwoven rug friends cloaked their huge flat-screen with, because they couldn’t stand its look and vibe. We cover our 32″ screen with a piece of Belgian linen…for now.


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  1. Stacey 05.23.2014 at 8:53am #

    I wonder if this would work with a window air conditioner during the off-season.

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