Improvised Life WITH Ads (NOT)

Lately, we’ve been mulling ways to support Improvised Life. One thing we’re sure of: we hate ads on websites, especially the big ticket distracting ones that blink and move.  And we know from our reader surveys and letters that you love that Improvised Life DOES NOT have ads. You don’t like the way they look, and we don’t like the idea the influence advertisers want to have on content.  We don’t want you to click on an article and see THIS:

ugly amex ad


…or fall prey to the irony of this infographic about How to Feel Happier and Less Stressed...with a car ad in the middle (BUY! BUY!)


advertising stress


Even though we understand the economic realities that make ads a part of life, we’re going to see if we can find another way to keep Improvised Life afloat AND a clear space, full of unique ideas.

6 Responses to Improvised Life WITH Ads (NOT)

  1. Stan Muschweck 05.21.2014 at 9:39pm #

    Kudos to Improvised Life, for growing their viewership organically with great content and outstanding revelations.
    Even though I am in the ad business, this is a refreshing concept.
    Sometimes the answer is not always to promote, but just “be.”

  2. Sally 05.21.2014 at 9:49pm #

    Thanks, Stan. My pop was in advertising and I know from him that it is possible to make very cool ads. But his day was before the glut of ads and selling became SO fierce. He was a buddhist at heart, and paradoxically very into “just being”. I detect a strong vein of that in you. So WELCOME.

    We’ll see what comes of our experiment…Stay tuned.

  3. Lee 05.22.2014 at 12:54pm #

    Can you do Amazon associates in your state? I’d click Amazon links on your site since we in CT can’t do Amazon anymore.

  4. Sally 05.22.2014 at 12:59pm #

    Hey, I’m not sure what you mean. What do you mean “we in CT can’t do Amazon anymore?”. Are you able to get to Amazon when you click on links from my site? One of our plans is to sell great items we’ve vetted, via Amazon and other Affiliates, in our soon-to-launch store.

    Edit: As far as I can tell, it seems like CT banned Amazon affiliates in 2011 due to tax issues but lifted the restriction as of 2013. Here’s hoping you can get access!

  5. Ronna Welsh 05.26.2014 at 9:40pm #

    I struggle with this issue with my own website, but commit to finding a way to sustain it financially, beyond distracting web ads. Those ads, such that you show, cheapen the page and infuriate the thoughtful reader, which is exactly who you’ve cultivated so well at The Improvised Life. Bravo to you for your continued persistence.

  6. Sally 05.27.2014 at 3:24pm #

    Thanks so much for the support. We’re at a serious crossroads now financially so will be testing out IF we really can crowd fund Improvised Life’s upkeep WITHOUT ads, which we think are degrading so much of life these days. If a lot of people pay a tiny amount, we’d be fine…The “we” meaning mostly “I”. Improvised Life has come out of my pocket happily for years, a pleasure to give and see how it’s grown and been resonating on reader’s lives — the emails are so stunning. But I’m not able to do it much longer. As Allen Ginsburg would say: “Reality Sandwiches”.

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