DIY Cross-Cut Tree Slice Floors, Outdoors or In

One of our most popular diy posts is an outdoor floor made of wood “bricks”, the sawed-off ends of boards placed in a brick-like pattern. Recently, we saw a very cool variation on that theme: an outdoor floor made of cross-cut tree trunk slices, which make for a wonderfully graphical floor of circles.

We like it best as an outdoor floor. The tree slices can be surrounded by gravel as in the image above, pebbles, or even just dirt. Gradually they will weather to gray. If they’re hardwood, they’ll last longer of course.  There is something very wonderful about walking on downed trees that have been given a new purpose.

We came on this image of an INDOOR tree-slice floor, which appears to be set in concrete and polyeurathaned. There is something sweetly troll-house/cabinish about it that would work in the right place… via via

In terms of sizes and shapes, there are endless possibilities, including sawing the log on a diagonal.

We found some great info at Woodweb drying cross-cut log slices.
via Dwell

2 Responses to DIY Cross-Cut Tree Slice Floors, Outdoors or In

  1. Gosia 02.16.2017 at 7:06pm #

    It is the most beautiful floor I’ve ever seen. I’d like to have a similar, too. Where I can learn about how to do it?

  2. Sally Schneider 02.20.2017 at 2:12pm #

    If you follow the links embedded in the article, you should find some practical info. Or just google “DIY cross-cut tree slice floors”.

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