Soften an Angular Modern Space with Rounds

Many modern spaces, including our own Laboratory, suffer from having so many right angles, rectangles, linearity, that they can be a bit harsh. The simple solution is to shake them up with rounds, patterns, art.

We love the solution in this image found at Bohemian Homes: gold rounds afixed randomly to the wall act like bubbles. Round hats, round antique fan, all contribute to “breaking” the lines, as does the jazzy zig-zag rug and unexpected upholstered arm chair at the desk. The gist: quirky, personal objects pleasantly temper often-uptight “clean” modern interiors.

But our favorite simple trick has been used widely by modern designers for decades: paper globe lights suspended in the space.

Mikkel Mortensen

Mikkel Mortensen

noguchi paper shade lamp hung low

…Noguchi was the one who made them popular (and designed many other organic shapes)…


Nakashima Living paper shade room light Noguchi

Don Freeman

…You can buy his original shade designs, or inexpensive knock-offs to achieve a similar effect. They are simply hung from the ceiling by a socket on a cord.

Put a round in a square to cool it out!













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