WHAT IF You Lived In a Chocolate Coated Room?

Scottish Artist Anya Gallaccio  riles the senses of visitors to Edinburgh’s Jupiter Artland with ‘Stroke’, an entire room covered in thick dark chocolate. Because she uses REAL chocolate, the installation is fragrant with chocolate “beckoning gallery visitors to interact with the walls, by picking, licking or stroking the edible surfaces”.

Gallaccio says she sees her works, “as being a performance and collaboration. There is unpredictability in the materials and collaborations I get involved in. Making a piece of work becomes about chance – not just imposing will on something, but acknowledging its inherent qualities.”

Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland

Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland

Wonder what it would be like to live in a chocolate room….

via Design Boom

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