Annals of Bike Hacks: An Electric Suitcase Scooter

On the way to the airport ten years ago, He Liangcai, a Chinese farmer-turned-amateur inventor lost his luggage. That loss gave him the idea for a transportable suitcase that could come with him to the terminal. He spent the next ten years developing his drivable suitcase using the frame of an electric scooter with a suitcase wrapped around it.

The 15 pound suitcase-scooter is capable of transporting two adults at 12 miles per hour up to a distance of 37 miles on a fully charged battery.

(Video link HERE.) He Liangcai packed his mobile suitcase with features: it comes with brakes, light signals, a horn, a burglar alarm and is even GPS-equipped to help riders navigate easily around town.

Crazy brilliant and rather eccentric as much a lot of brilliance is. It reminds us a bit of the guy who we chased on our bike years ago (one of our early posts), to get a better look at the trailer and storage he’d rigged on his little folding bike.

We LOVE unofficial, self-made inventors.


via Treehugger

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