Line a drawer with Cloth not Paper

Looking for a skillet to fry some eggs in at Maria Robledo’s house, we opened a drawer to find a brilliant idea we never would have thought of: line a drawer with a cloth, such as a dish towel instead of the usual paper. It cuts down on clatter and the cloth can be easily washed. And it provides a lovely touch of hominess and color.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Since we saw Maria’s clever idea, we’ve lined the makeup box in the bathroom, and a shelf as well…

We’re fans of these big heavy cotton dish towels.

2 Responses to Line a drawer with Cloth not Paper

  1. Susan Dworski 06.11.2014 at 1:09pm #

    I have a thrift shop collection of lovely, antique embroidered dresser cloths and oddball monogrammed linen napkins from long ago that I once intended to stitch into a quilt. Having lost momentum for that project, I use them as drawer liners not only the kitchen, but in the bedroom. They’re especially nice for sweaters, underwear and delicate garments – anything that can catch or fray. Jewelry looks elegant on them, too..

  2. Sally 06.12.2014 at 11:50am #

    Yeas, now I’m looking at my various clothes and tea towels to line silverware drawers, shelves, all manner of things. My EUREKA moment of the obvious!

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