Nomad Designer Transforms Found Furniture Each Time He Moves

Netherlands-based Designer Francois Duquesnoy is a nomad at heart. Instead of moving heavy furniture everytime he changes living space, he prefers to use whatever discarded items he finds in his new surroundings and transmute them. Sometimes, he splices objects together. More often, he simply paints what he finds, every detail in the same color. As with the spaces we’ve featured where the entire room is painted one color — moldings, ceilings, pipes, whatever — this simple technique truly does transfom even homely pieces of furniture into something…else…

François Duquesnoy

François Duquesnoy

We don’t know that we’d forge ALL our furniture from found items, but have garnered two big takeaways from Duquesnoy’s work:

—That we don’t have to take everything with us. There are always treasures and solutions to be found wherever we are.

—The infinite usefulness of paint in transforming ordinary objects.


See more of Duquestnoy’s work here.


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