Cool, Practical Flat File Beds

Tobias Wong‘s inspired mattress on a grouping of pushed-together 2-drawer lateral files has long been an inspiration for our imaginings and phanta-designs for beds built on file cabinets. Remodelista’s recent Unexpected Uses for File Cabinets showed some pretty inspired possibilities in the realm of flat-file, those wide files meant for storing artworks and other big papers (although they’re useful for all kinds of storage). The most beautiful iteration we’ve seen was created by stylist Lotta Agaton out of classic white flat files. Agata’s day bed shows just what a good idea a bed on flat files is, as do these…

Greg and Grey

Greg and Grey for Antler & Co. via Design Sponge

Flat files come in a variety of sizes and heights, the classic being 42 x 30 inches, 36 x 24 inches and 48 x 36 inches. Generally, they are lowish —about 5 or 6 drawers, about 24 inches high, so make for excellent bed base possibilities. Since flat-files size and orientation might need an additional frame or support, as Greg and Grey, owners of Portland, Oregon, shop Antler & Co did in the bed above: file cabinets at the foot of the bed form an extension to a custom-built wooden frame.

The formula is pretty simple: the flat file base is topped with a foam mattress, either a standard or custom size depending on your base configuration. You’ll find a trove of reliable foam mattress resources here.

Vintage wooden flat files,  found at flea markets and second hand stores, give a more furniture-ish look.  Here, stacked pale wood flat files are turned into a child’s daybed in a Swedish house.

Kristofer Johnsson

Kristofer Johnsson

We’re thinking a flat file day bed, like Agaton’s above, would be the perfect in an office for the occasional snooze…

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