Nivola’s Outdoor Wall Canvasses, and How to Make One

One of the many details we love in sculptor Constantino Nivola’s “outdoor rooms” are the walls he erected to define space and make into artworks. We’re crazy for this tree wall sculpture, as well as his wall paintings, including the Solarium. Hmmm. Wonder how they are made?  Of course, we tried to figure it out, hoping one day, we might use Nivola’s idea.

The concrete block in the solarium we posted yesterday tipped us off. We bet Nivola’s walls were made of stacked concrete block, covered in cement.



It looks like we were right. We found the gist of how to make a non-structural dry stack construction wall, which can go as high as six to eight feet, at Today’s Homeowner: concrete block covered with Quikrete…

Once you’ve made the wall you could paint it white, or a color…and/or a painting…





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