Kitchen Repertoire’s Charming, Doable, Delish Recipes

Our old friends from the food world Frances Boswell and Dana Gallagher have teamed up to create a lovely labor-of-love blog called Kitchen Repertoire. Their simple mandate is a breath of fresh air:

We are 20 year veterans of the magazine industry; a food editor and a photographer. We live real lives with kids and families and careers.

Time is short and finding inspiration in the little things makes the day easier.

We hope having a repertoire to pull from will help you find more joy in your day.

Commentary is minimal, to-the-point and evocative, like the one that accompanied a recipe for Chocolate Caramel Picnic Pudding, above:

Father’s day is this weekend. Picnic Puddings are so much more romantic than a power drill.

Dana Gallagher

Dana Gallagher

The Roast Chicken Dinner contains a brilliant strategy: “Consider roasting your bird in the wee hours of the morning before the the sun hits full tilt”…and serving the bird cold with an Arugula Herb Sauce,  “ready and waiting when the gang returns from the lake and yields left-overs for camp lunches the next day (or two).” 

Dana Gallagher

Dana Gallagher

The recipes are market/season-driven. Like Wild Mushrooms on Toast, they make you FEEL the season:

The upside of a rainy Spring – mushrooms mushrooms everywhere.

Kitchen Repertoire is perfect for any-day-of-the-week inspiration.

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