Annals of Bad Design: Ill-Considered Sofa Placement

We are stunned by the really ill-considered design of this slickly-renovated home (house tour here). The sofa is placed AWAY from the garden view and facing a wall unit!!  A simple fix would change the whole flow of the room (you can really see it in the floor plan, below)…

Neil Architecture

Neil Architecture

…move the sofa so it sits against the wall facing the kitchen. That way, it will have a view of the outside, kitchen AND of the dining area, allowing whomever is sitting there to converse and be connected with everyone in the big space (although we’re not sure what the point of that hanging display is…to differentiate dining and living room with tchotchkes? We’d ditch it.)

Neil Architecture

Neil Architecture


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One Response to Annals of Bad Design: Ill-Considered Sofa Placement

  1. Chris 07.09.2014 at 8:21am #

    While I agree that the sofa placement isn’t optimal, I think the real fault is not in the furniture placement but in the architecture. The dining area is awkwardly reached from the kitchen, and the floating wall unit is more roadblock than functional. Better to have placed the dining area where the study/bedroom is and open up that whole end for living space, with two seating areas. The dining area would better serve as a TV/den sitting area, and the living area could better take advantage of the deck view.

    That opinion stated, given the architectural constraints, I suspect the sofa is actually in the optimum place. It’s probably rare that the entire sofa would be crowded with guests, and more likely that a resident would merely be reclining on the sofa simultaneously enjoying the view of both TV and deck.

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