Introducing Improvised Life’s New Store

Over the years, Improvised Life has featured some seriously good stuff, from books about design, art, productivity and poetry to all manner of tools for making and living. Since these wonderful items have been buried in the archive, we decided to gather the BEST of them in one place, Improvised Life’s Store. Click on SHOP on the navigation bar above (under our logo) and you’ll see the many categories we offer. We’ve personally checked out every item for being useful, well-made and good value. (True to our philosophy, we are NOT into selling stuff for stuff’s sake.)

The store is one more way we’ve thought of to make Improvised Life financially sustainable. Click through to Amazon or one of our other affiliates and we’ll get a percentage of everything you buy. (We’ve also included some items we won’t make any money from, just because they are so great we want you to know about them.) At each product page, you can simultaneously read a post we’ve published about the product on Improvised Life.

We invite you to browse the store if you’re looking for a gift, or useful items for your kitchen or home.

Jimmy Nelson’s Before They Pass Away proved a terrific gift last Christmas.

We use the classic folding Opinel knife ourselves AND give it as gifts. opinel-500-px1

Well be featuring a lot of Sally’s recommendations for tried-and-true kitchen equipment like the great Good Grips tongs.

Looking for books on jump starting your creative process? Here’s one of our favorites:

Bequet’s handmade caramels are one of the items we DON’T make money on, but we recommend it anyway because they are so delish and we’re happy to give our support to Bequet. bequet caramel

And this is just the beginning. The “Tools” Category is conspicuously missing. We’ll be stocking new items daily, eventually expanding into furniture and one-of-a-kind antiques.


2 Responses to Introducing Improvised Life’s New Store

  1. maria robledo 07.10.2014 at 7:27pm #

    I WANT 1 OF EACH .
    Im so happy . Easy shopping .

  2. kimithy 07.16.2014 at 3:24pm #

    Yayyy! I’m so glad you’ve implemented this – I have 5 of your suggestions currently on my Amazon wishlist now, to purchase in the coming months 🙂

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