Random Find: Klee’s Tree House via Little Free Library

Recently, when a Little Free Library was set up in the park across the way, we discovered an unexpected pleasure of these little  public leave-a-book-take-a-book libraries. In a public setting, when you least expect it, in the most random way possible, a book opens in your hands, as Paul Klee (Art for Children Series) did recently.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Standing in the park, we opened it to find Klee’s image of a tree house, with a description by Ernest Lloyd Raboff meant to help children “see” into Klee’s painting…which is exactly what it did for us.

klee tree house description

It was as though we were transported into Klee’s tree house right then and there, a wonder.


Paul Klee (Art for Children Series) is out of print but can be gotten for as little as a few bucks on Amazon.

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