Kenzo’s FAB “I’m Not Afraid of Losing” + 24 African Dances to Brighten Your Day

(Video link HERE.) We love Eddy Kenzo’s joyful “Sitya Loss” (“I’m not afraid of losing”), featuring a group of boys and a girl performing on a dirt road in Uganda. After hunting for the lyrics (which are in Swahili), we found this interpretation from youtuber  jerzeykid2006able:

“In life we do not have to fear losses because we are the bosses of our own life, we have to enjoy the little life we have by shaking our bodies (dancing), as strong youth we have to enjoy our lives to the fullest because when we look at our past lives, we get to notice quite a number of our friends who we have lost and we are never going to get them back, they left us a long time ago, and went for another eternal life (death), so let’s live life to its fullest and enjoy every simple moment, let’s dance to the best tunes of music, life is really precious but short.” 

Much to dance to!

You can work in some swell new dance moves into your day with The Dance Hall‘s wonderful video primer on African traditional and modern dance styles, from Ghanaian Azonto to Ivory Coast’s Zoropoto: an alphabet’s worth of joy. (Video link HERE.)

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