Stylish Repurposed Tables from RioEtc

When we start poking around the google translate version of, a site meant to show the stylish side of Rio, we found, over several separate posts some compelling mashups of tables. The first, the coffee table, above, which appears to be made of mismatched crates, some with wheels, some not, and a cubist hunk of…is it foam rubber…with a glass top; curiously works.

Then we spotted this table made out of painted boards that had been stripped and affixed to the wall by what appears to be black pipe, accompanied by moderne chairs…swell…

And finally, there’s this odd cafe table which appears to be…a beer keg? with a table top rigged somehow with little legs.

And the cream herringbone floor is great.

There’s definitely some original and interesting style to be seen at

via Desire to Inspire

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