Music for Monday Morning (Jun Miyake)

(Video link HERE.)  …perfect music for getting going on a Monday morning, as well as people dancing, leaping and gliding around in the most wonderful way (until the dark end). You can jump in anywhere to get a hit of LEAP energy.

Not content to just click one link, we can’t help but follow trails. The trails leading from this wonderful video turned us on to Japanese artist, composer, song writer Jun Miyake.

After buying Lillies of the Valley, we’ve been listening to his music on Spotify.

A groove.

via the great Hedviggen

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  1. Leanne 08.04.2014 at 4:55pm #

    I have loved this music since I heard it in Wim Wender’s movie “Pina”—it haunted me, I found it, and bought it.

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