Lanyards are for Summer…DIY in Plastic, String or Leather

Susan Dworski’s post about her granddaughter’s lanyard reminded us of our own lanyard-making pleasures in summers long ago. Somehow we’d learned a number of patterns from braids to boxes and make all sorts of useful things out of them.

But what we remember especially, is the dreamy hours spent making them.

That, of course, got us looking up how to make ’em and if that material we called “gimp” is still available. It is, here, in beautiful colors..

plastic lanyard lace green

It got us thinking about lanyards that would be useful in our current, grownup lives, as well as patterns kids we know might like. We found a trove of how-to’s online by googling “how to make a lanyard” and “lanyard patterns”.

We’re imagining this one from Frayed Knots Arts in white OR chocolate brown leather…

You’ll find the how-to here plus lots of ideas for materials you can use and patterns you can make…  Dig these rope brushes and whisks!

…and this beautiful necklace and bracelet…


2 Responses to Lanyards are for Summer…DIY in Plastic, String or Leather

  1. irene seipt 08.22.2014 at 1:08pm #

    you simply MUST read the poem by Billy Collins entitled The Lanyard, maybe even include it as a follow-up posting…….

    thank you for your daily doses, hope you are enjoying your stacation!! you deserve it, for sure.

    one of your friends with benefits,

  2. Sally 09.01.2014 at 2:06pm #

    Hey, take a look at a post or two before…We DID post the poem. You’re spot-on; it’s a beauty.

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