Huge Linen Shirt Becomes a TeaTowel

This just in from our friend Marella Consolini (whose daybooks with custom covers we love):

A new improvised project! Jimmy bought a gorgeous linen shirt on eBay for pennies, that turned out to be about a hundred sizes too big. But I fell in love with the pattern and the quality of the linen. Rather than send it on to the thrift shop, I folded it up and put it in my drawer, certain that I’d eventually figure out something to do with it.

Finally it dawned on me: the back was big enough to turn into a small pillow case or a towel — yes, a linen tea towel, which I love best! (Speaking of linen — I went to Ikea in search of that linen you mentioned in IL but they didn’t have it in stock. No matter, I got some cotton gingham that I hemmed for a tablecloth. And I have a favorite spot in the cafeteria where I sit & enjoy my Swedish meatballs while looking out at the Statue of Liberty. It makes me happy.)

So — it was easy to cut out a big rectangle, hem all 4 sides, and presto, a beautiful linen tea towel (to hang on our new cork hook!*).

Marella Consolini

Marella Consolini

Marella Consolini

Marella Consolini


*We’ll be posting Marella’s improvised cork hook soon…

One Response to Huge Linen Shirt Becomes a TeaTowel

  1. Sherry Imhoff 09.03.2014 at 10:20am #

    Re: Tea towel shirt: A reverse improv with tea towels: A time honored, cherished (at least in Texas!) tradition. Some of us fondly remember summer blouses fashioned of colorful tea towels or bandanas sewn together at the sides. With openings left for head and arms, they were quick, easy and ready to wear in a jiffy. Cool, colorful, and comfy for that perfect summer’s day, the bandana or tea towel shirt continues the tradition of the flour sack clothing my grandmother used to fashion.

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