Gratitude Where You Don’t Expect It

Leaving Manhattan on the commuter train the other evening, we were surpised to see a billboard towering above the South Bronx amidst the bleak industrial landscape. It says simply “GRATTITUDE.”

This teeny video —best viewed with chirpy music OFF — captures the expected and somehow remarkable experience. (Video link HERE.):
The billboard was put up by New York City artist Peter Tunney who has several positive life-affirming messages posted throughout the city.

“I was driving into NYC, and everyday, I’d see the same billboards. And it all felt so fake. I was just tired of these too-skinny models almost pretending to give each other oral sex. Or billboard about buying beer, stupid stuff. What if some rich guy put up a billboard that said, ‘Everything is okay’? So I just started talking about that, and then the next thing you know, the billboards went up.”

Rodney Bedsole

Rodney Bedsole

Tunney intentionally spelled GRATTITUDE with an extra T, and one E backwards, again slightly shifting the view.

We loved that Tunney made his simple, transformative idea happen, and are GRATEFUL for the reminder. GRATITUDE transforms even the ugliest landscape or worldview.

Read Tunney’s transformative life story here.

3 Responses to Gratitude Where You Don’t Expect It

  1. Bianca 04.20.2019 at 9:45pm #

    It’s a nice read. I hope people can read about this entry. I love how gratitude is so simple yet meaningful.

  2. Jhoei 07.12.2019 at 9:12am #

    Great idea. These billboards may be simple but it reminds us of good positive value to express gratitude no matter how big or small the blessings or favor we received.

  3. Sally Schneider 07.15.2019 at 8:45am #

    Yeah, and we need MORE of them….

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