Contest: Solve the Vibrating Bed Mystery

A few months ago, after a mysterious vibration coming through the floor started shaking our bed, and us, awake at night, we wrote about the improvised bed legs I’d made using yoga blocks and special thick rubber we’d researched. It worked for a while, but we are still plagued by the mysterious vibration that is keeping us sleep-deprived. (From surfing the internet we realize that THOUSANDS of people suffer from this problem). We have read endless technical papers on the vagueries of how sound and vibration travel. We’ve lost count of our attempts at damping the vibration, including the sculptural “bed shocks, above, my friend Holton Rower devised.

So we’re issuing a challenge to Improvised Life’s clever readers: help us devise a solution to keep the bed from being shaken by the vibration coming through the floor. The winner will receive a lifetime subscription to Improvised Life. Here’s what we’ve tried already (call us crazy but we can’t sleep):

Holton Rowers “bed shocks” were designed to balance each corner of the bed on thin wires, the idea being that the least amount of vibration would actually reach the bed. (Unfortunately, the wire conducted the vibration…)

Holton Rower

Holton Rower

Tennis balls cut in half and inverted on the bed leg base, so that the bed platform would rest on them. Too many of them made the bed bouncier. One placed on each of the four block legs worked slightly. We’ve put them under the sofa legs because they do soften the vibration there, though not completely.

tennis balls

A friend suggested a water bed and then did the research for us. Water CONDUCTS vibration and sound so we ruled that out…

…Wash clothes and towels folded many times, sworn to by a geezer on a chatroom, didn’t work…

…Open cell rubber. Close cell rubber. Stacked on “legs” made of yoga blocks or Holton’s playwood boxes…

bed fix 2 rubber blocks

We’ve talked to the developer of a material called Sorbothane who thinks it will work. We’re waiting to test it out and will report…

We even tried sandwiching a half-inflated air mattress between our foam mattress and the bed platform.

We tried placing pillows on top of the mattress. They damped the noise a bit so we tested out a feather bed. NOT.

…and placing high-density sofa cushion (like a narrow bed) on top of our high-density foam mattress.

…and balancing a zero-gravity recliner on the bed.

In desperation, we slept on the terrace one night (on the sofa-cusion made into a bed). No vibration in the morning, but we can’t sleep out there forever.


LaFuma beach chair white

Industrial springs placed between the blocky bed legs and the platform. When they didn’t work, we learned that springs are usually put UNDER the machinary that is vibrating to absorb vibration before it gets to the floor. The problem is when the vibration is coming through the floor and UP…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

In our case, the bed was too light and the spring just wicked the vibration upwards. So we tried putting 200 pounds of weight on the bed, comprised of the heaviest things we could find in the Laboratory: bricks, reams of paper, a marble mortar from France, rocks, cast iron pans. We arranged them on an old moving pad on half of the bed and slept on the other half.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Then we devised a theory that perhaps weight UNDER the bed would help with the springs, so we put them under the zinc top of our super heavy kitchen island and made a bed on it, using the sofa cushion as a mattress…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

We even spent some time researching trampolines…and hammocks (how do we attach hooks into drywall?)

So far, the closest solution came from Daniel Saltman, who suggested putting the bed legs IN a box of styrofoam pellets, on the theory that the pellets would absorb the vibration around the floating legs.

So we devised bed legs out of Holton’s deconstructed bed shocks and put them into Fed Ex boxes filled with bean bag pellets.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

It definitely softened the vibration.

styrofoam bed leg

But in morning we discovered that the weight on the bed spread over only four legs crushed the pellets, leaving the bed frame touching the box (and hence the vibration).  We refilled the box three nights in a row only to find them crushed by morning. IF we were to keep replacing the pellets, we’d have a solution. So that got us thinking: the reason the pellets are getting crushed is that there is so much weight on each of the four legs. If the load were spread, say IF WE PLACED THE BED PLATFORM INTO A SANDBOX OF BEANBAG PELLETS, we could have a floating bed that would keep the vibration at bay…

Holton has already drawn a plan, but it is a rather involved solution of last resort.

Got any ideas? We’re desperate. We’re serious. Win a subscription to Improvised Life for LIFE. 


Here’s some additional info:

The bed as is is comprised of a high-density foam mattress on flat platform held up by makeshift legs, of late, plywood blocks or yoga blocks.

The building is new construction i.e. concrete slab. My bedroom is basically sheetrock wall and ceiling.

We are hoping for a bed fix while we track down the source of the vibration, which will be the best solution.

We are admittedly very sensitive to vibration and noise.


NOTE: After much trial and error, I did find a simple, inexpensive way to dampen the vibration coming through my bed. You can read about it here.

175 Responses to Contest: Solve the Vibrating Bed Mystery

  1. Christie 09.19.2014 at 6:40am #

    Hang bed from ceiling

  2. Lara 09.19.2014 at 7:19am #

    I am writing to say that I am very sorry for your troubles. However, I dont think you should spend your time on fixing your bed. I think you should spend your time seeking the cause of the vibration. My suggestion is to get to know your neighbors in the building to understand what one of them is doing to cause this vibration. Does the vibration occur constantly or only at night? If only at night I have to think perhaps someone is up to a covert operation. If it is not one of your neighbors perhaps it is the subway and something has shifted in the foundation to allow the subway vibration to come up through the building. I would get the plans for your building and see what it is built over. Good luck, I can only imagine how frustrated you must be.

  3. Lisa Morphew 09.19.2014 at 7:28am #

    Is there a way to hang the bed from the ceiling with is not a good conductor and it might work for the vibration. I think the biggest problem here is sinking the eyes into the concrete, then do a rubber liner then rope to hole the bed platform.

  4. Mary 09.19.2014 at 8:13am #

    What are your thoughts on suspending the bed from the ceiling – a swing bed? That would lift the whole operation off the vibrating floor. It might require a different or lighter bed frame.

    It seems the vibrations start at a certain time rather than being random or constant if I understand your description correctly. Is there anything you can do with timing your day to help minimize the sleep disruption? You know, go to bed earlier and get up an hour earlier? Better rest and a clearer mind as you quest for the source.

    This sounds like a frustrating dilemma. I also recommend a midday nap.

  5. Ann 09.19.2014 at 8:15am #

    Being sleep deprived is HORRIBLE. You have my sympathies. Instead of a sandbox of beanbag pellets, why not just rest your bed platform on a bunch of beanbag chairs? Maybe 6 or 8 chairs. Or fill a waterbed mattress with beanbag pellets instead of water and rest your platform on that. Or sleep directly on that.

  6. Mary Kelly 09.19.2014 at 8:50am #

    I wonder if there would be any ideas/inspiration if you looked at how architects build structures in earthquake-prone places. If they can build a building partially on some kind of stilts (I.e. the original Globe theater in London) there mayou be clues in their work as to how to mitigate vibration

    Just a thought

  7. Michael 09.19.2014 at 9:13am #

    Reading this post reminded me of a class in holography that I took in college. Because holography is super sensitive to any vibration even down to fractions of a wave length of light, the tables that the laser setup is on have anti-vibration systems built into them. This pamphlet explains more than you wanted to know about vibration and how to dampen it. It’s pretty technical but skim over the physics equations as it offers good info for the lay person as well:

    Buying lab equipment to sleep on is probably going to be prohibitively expensive so I did a search into DIY optical tables. The take away is this. You want a heavy tabletop so that there is a lot of mass which if isolated from the vibration source will resist movement. The tabletop has to be isolated from the vibration source of course as well. The simplest way to do this is by putting the tabletop on mostly inflated truck inner tubes.

    I would suggest a test of a heavy solidcore door or a few sheets of 1″ plywood or your zinc counter resting on top of several truck or car tire inner tubes. There are some example photos here:

    The next step up in exoticness would be air suspension bags for a truck like these:

    Finally, you could try the actual lab equipment which from a quick look on ebay is sill a bit pricey but not as bad as retail:

    Good luck with your quest and I’m looking forward to seeing how you get it resolved.

  8. Sally 09.19.2014 at 1:20pm #

    Thanks. Suspending the bed is problematic due to building construction. The ceiling is dry wall which won’t hold weight. 19 inches above that is the roof’s concrete slab, which could be hooked into but it would have to be a pretty elaborate rig to keep the bedroom ceiling which is necessary to preserve the building envelope. Sigh.

  9. Sally 09.19.2014 at 1:22pm #

    Yeah, I’m working on tracking down the vibration. An acoustical engineer friend has been kind enough to take readings of it in the hopes we can match the vibration’s signature. It starts pretty regularly around 6 am and goes constantly until 9:30 or 10, with some variation.

  10. Sally 09.19.2014 at 1:24pm #

    Hi Lisa, See my answer above. It’s possible but would be a pretty elaborate undertaking. I’m in touch with an engineer who responded by email who is giving some other ways to think about it. There are principles for dampening that are complex, and it is difficult for a lay person to know. But he’s taught me some, and I’m hopeful that eventually, I’ll/ we all will come up with something. Thanks for your idea.

  11. Sally 09.19.2014 at 1:25pm #

    Interesting idea. I’ll mull. IN the meantime, AM taking naps during the day, though productivity is hampered.

  12. Sally 09.19.2014 at 1:25pm #

    I’ll follow the path…

  13. Sally 09.19.2014 at 1:36pm #

    Michael, Thank you so much for this illuminating and out-side-the-box round up of ideas. Very helpful and a lot to think about. The gist I am getting from this and a couple of people who emailed is that I need serious WEIGHT on the bed to make dampening legs work.

  14. Kevin Neff 09.19.2014 at 4:12pm #

    Use viscoelastic urethane polymer [1] block for feet and add a uniform load 2x your fully-loaded bed. I suggest concrete patio blocks that are relatively thin and uniform in height. Use the design guide for sorbothane [2] to figure out thickness and pad sizes. Or try several sizes and thicknesses. You can buy the stuff through McMaster.

    About vibrations. Getting an object to move (a fully loaded bed in this case) requires force. How much that force moves the object is one of those tried-and-true physics concepts symbolically enshrined in the equation KE = 1/2 * m * v^2. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? In that equation, the mysterious vibrations provide the kinetic energy (KE). Doesn’t matter that it comes in tiny bursts and goes up and down. Each pulse that lifts your bed is a certain amount of energy and it moves your bed at a certain velocity. If you re-arrange the equation, you get the square root of 2*KE/m. You don’t know the KE value and you can’t control that anyway, but you can control the mass of your bed. The bigger the mass, the better.

    I work in the contract-manufacturing industry and I’ve personally used this trick to beat vibration. We were making a medical device and its calibration required sensitive scales. We had a lot of problems getting accurate measurements until we put the scale on a thick slab of cultured marble. The weight of the stone was 4x the weight of the scale and the stuff on the scale.

    Analysis of other ideas you presented:

    The bed shocks are basically very stiff springs. It is the stretchiness of the cable that would absorb the up-down motion of the floor. Clearly, the cable doesn’t stretch very much and the vibrations come through. Such a cool idea, though, and nice execution.

    Tennis balls are just a sheet of closed-cell rubber foam, so you can lump those in with all of the other foams you tried.

    The springs are a good idea and will work regardless of which direction the vibrations are coming from. However, the frequency of the vibration, weight of the fully-loaded bed, and spring constant are all factors. It’s so easy to select the wrong spring. Also, you usually use springs with damping elements. Think car suspensions. Early cars had only springs. That was fine until they started going faster. You can get into a cycle where the vibrations from one bump don’t die down before the next bump and pretty soon you’re not in control any more. Watch any earth-moving equipment try to get down the road. The springiness of their tires and lack of suspension basically limits their top speed to 20-30 mi/h. Weight on top or under the bed will make no difference. Loading one side of the bed may not have been a good test.

    HAMMOCKS are an interesting option. Not the silly rope type with a wood bar, right? I use one in the summer because it’s cool and we don’t like to run A/C. My kids insisted that make them hammocks, too. I simply got 4 eye bolts from the hardware store and put 2 at each end, making sure to hit the center of the 2×4. I don’t know if a hammock would be the right solution, though. You’re depending on the rigging to take up the vibration… Besides, it’s hard to get comfortable so if you get up in the night, it’s a real annoyance. Also, nylon is noisy. It’s a bit solitary, too. You can hang 2 hammocks close to one another but that has its drawbacks, too. Bearing all that in mind, I think a bed is a better solution.

    Good luck,



  15. Kevin Neff 09.19.2014 at 4:16pm #

    Updating my previous suggestion:

    Put stone/concrete legs on sorbothane and then put another piece of sorbothane between the platform and the leg. Just size the pads for the correct weight. Total weight (divided by 4) for under the stone and 300 lb (also divided by 4) for the platform.

  16. Lynn 09.19.2014 at 10:21pm #

    The vibrating…is there a restaurant nearby…like in the same building?or any vent fan. That has been an experience for me fan blades bent or bad bearings can cause the whole building to vibrate. Why can’t you lag into the ceiling joists to hang your bed. Sheetrock is easy to fix if you move. Or span several joists with a crossmember. Or even cut a hole in the ceiling on each side of the joist and loop chain around. If you hang it close to the floor visually it will look like it is on the floor!
    Luck to you!

  17. Sally 09.20.2014 at 11:08am #

    For IL Readers: This is the Kevin Neff’s long comment is the first of an email thread where he provided alot of vibration theory and his ideas about possible fixes. He tweaked his idea in the later comment, after many questions from me, which he generously took time to answer.

    I am planning to do a post on his and other ideas I try out. So far, the response and creative thinking from so many readers has been heartening.

  18. Sally 09.20.2014 at 11:10am #

    The building is free standing and there are no restaurant fan issues. Since I am on the top floor, it is possible that it is a roof mechanical, or even something emanating from the basement through the concrete slab. A number of readers suggested hanging the bed, which I’m mulling. While I try various fixes, I’m thinking of a makeshift twin size bean bag bed with foam on top, to try an iteration of the bean bag experiments. And am trying Sorbothane, a new visco elastic material. Stay tuned!

  19. Linda Rose 09.21.2014 at 10:35am #

    For me, your blog prompts thinking “differently.” Have you tried to mount the bed to arched supports? Rather than straight bed legs, the arched supports would contact the bed platform differently and contact the vibrating floor in two places, hopefully altering your experience of the vibration “waves.” Whether the arches would work best head to toe (I think best) or side to side (maybe), I leave you to ponder…Best wishes and sweet dreams.

  20. Sally 09.21.2014 at 11:40am #

    I googled “arched supports” to get an idea of what you mean. Are you thinking that the arch will change the signature of the vibration? I’m doubtful but will wait to see if any engineer’s or physists weigh in.

    So far the vibration has passed through all the many materials I’ve tried. The only thing I know of that will actually cancel out the vibration is a mass-tuned damper (complex and expensive).

  21. Sally 09.21.2014 at 5:40pm #

    Kein has been a huge help, not only in explaining the problems with the ideas I’ve tried, but offering some interesting solutions involved Sorbothane. Stay tuned!

  22. Karla Strambini 09.21.2014 at 10:11pm #

    What a terrible problem!! If you can’t track down and eliminate the cause, and you can’t learn to live with it (eg practise sleeping on trains), and you can’t build a bedroom in an attic space, and you can’t move house…I would suggest building a loft style/floating bed. If the ceiling won’t take the whole weight of a suspended bed, without some posts, then at least the longer and fewer the number of bed leg(s), the less vibration will get through surely. If you can source materials for this support which also reduce vibration, and sit your mattress on top of a shock absorbing rubber underlay of some sort, even better.
    Here’s a question: Why doesn’t the terrace vibrate????????????? Is it on a different level?
    Have you had your plumbing investigated?
    Good luck!

  23. kimithy 09.22.2014 at 1:48pm #

    Hmmm! That’s tricky, and maddening 🙁 I can’t wait to see what ends up working for you (and what the source of the mystery vibration turns out to be)!

    A few ideas (and apologies if some or all of these are ones you or other commenters mentioned):

    -Holton’s suspended leg improvisation got me thinking about something like this – It’d actually be relatively simple/cheap to construct, and you could even make a small test-model first out of scrap wood and wire, set a glass of water or vibration meter on top, and check it out during the vibration hours to see how it performs.

    -Rather than using pellets in the leg-boxes, what about super high density foam (either in block form or chopped up)?

    -With regard to the ceiling-mount challenges – are there no support beams at all above the ceiling drywall you could hook into? Or is it just blank space between the drywall and concrete slab?

    -If you have two walls close enough together, a wall-mounted hammock could absolutely work, depending on the stud situation, particularly if you’re distributing the weight between two studs on each side. You can string up a simple hammock to test, and if it works, rig a more comfortable version up with a rectangle support frame w/cross bars and lightweight mattress/pad.

    With regard to the psychological/physiological stress you’re dealing with – a while back, I had an extremely hard time dealing with daily intrusive noise in the wee hours at an old house I was living in. There was no way to block it out, and I was never able to keep it from waking me. But I WAS able to eventually fall back asleep very quickly, after managing to convince myself that the irritating sound was actually soothing! I know it sounds ridiculous, but it was the only way I found to cope with it 🙂

  24. jonboy 09.22.2014 at 10:09pm #

    Don’t discount suspending the bed from ropes just because you cannot anchor them to the ceiling…. You can suspend the ropes from a wooden frame that rests on the floor. See third photo down for basic idea:

  25. Sally 09.23.2014 at 8:07pm #

    Ah we wish. Anything that touches the floor carries the vibration….

  26. ss 09.26.2014 at 4:48pm #

    I have the same issue–vibrating bed 5a-8a. In my case, I believe it’s from ground vibration caused by airplanes (not noise). The airport is 1 ½ miles away. I look forward to your solution – something hopefully I can try out. Keep up the good work to find a solution.

  27. Sally 09.29.2014 at 12:02am #

    Stay tuned. A rather amazing engineer has responded with some ideas, which we’re going to try out when we can.

  28. Abe 10.28.2014 at 8:50pm #

    Does anyone think that isolating the feet of hammock frame using troughs of bean bag pellets would work? Treating the feet of the hammock frame like a piston and the trough of bean bag pellets like a hydraulic cylinder and oil. I mean to accomplish is the feet can’t sink deep into the pellets.

    Best of luck. There is always moving.

  29. Sally 10.28.2014 at 10:05pm #

    Thanks for your idea. I like the idea but my experience with pellets is that there is a “wobbly” factor, and they crush after a while and need to be replaced. So far the best, most do-able bet seems to be concrete block interspersed with a visco elastic dampenining material. I’ve managed to make one 85 pound block and will post it soon. I ain’t moving!

  30. km 12.05.2014 at 7:20pm #


    Did you find a solution to your problem? I too have been suffering with this same problem for a month now. Please tell me there is hope!

  31. Sally 12.08.2014 at 12:58pm #

    I’ve been making headway, and building up to writing a post about it as I’ve amassed a lot of info. I have tried SO many things, it’s crazy. And illuminating. Stay tuned.

  32. Rona 12.11.2014 at 6:07pm #


    I have the same vibrating bed problem. Awaiting your discoveries and hopefully your solution. I’m tired of feeling seasick.

  33. Segis 02.16.2015 at 5:22pm #

    Hi Sally,

    i leave in Berlin on a ground floor, (no subways, no factories around) and I too have the same problem for one month!!!
    Do you have any updates on the issue!?
    It´s kind of a low vibration that after a wile i can feel it in my stomach.

    Please be so kind to share if you found a solution, or a result of you other experiments, because i tried a few and fail. :(((((

    All the best

  34. S. Roth 03.05.2015 at 5:13pm #

    I am dealing with the same situation, however, mine is more malicious in nature. As it turns out, my upstairs neighbors, who own a Springer Spaniel, a cat, and a set of 1 year old twins, don’t like walking their dog. So, they let it run loose around the front rooms (living and kitchen/dining), lined with dog pads corner to corner, end to end. They claim they were never able to really “train” him, so they just let him do his “thing”, then pick it up when they smell it. Quote. During the day, since they are present, mom’s home all day, dad’s unemployed and home all day, as well, but at night, they hold up in the back bedrooms, leaving Sammie to own the rest of the place. In an effort for them not to smell anything until they get up later in the day, usually about 10 or 11a, they have set up multiple air-filter motors close to the babies’ room and their won bedroom, as well as the dog’s free space. They run all night long, causing the humming, whirring and their associated vibrations to radiate down through my place, vibrating every surface touching the floor, which includes 2 beds and a sofa, all my available sleeping surfaces. I am now suffering sleep deprivation illness, have been to the ER twice recently, and begged to be allowed to sleep at the local police station. Apparently, it isn’t a police issue but a landlord/property management matter, both of whom have had no success.

    If anyone has any suggestions, short of moving, which, as soon as I can put together the up front expense, I will be doing, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Frankly, I believe it is malicious and criminal since I have begged them, appealing to their sense of common decency, which they clearly lack, and they refuse to change their behavior. Their lifestyle choices are affecting me, causing me physical and mental injuries, and my kitten is always freaked out.

    Anyone?? Anyone????

    Thank you in advance.

  35. Sally 03.05.2015 at 9:39pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear of the truly terrible situation you find yourself in. I believe I understand how difficult your situation is. I lived in an apartment for many years that had two bedrooms above it, guaranteeing that there would be kids. Four families came and went during my time there. With three of them, I was able to work out various compromises — including splitting the cost of carpeting in one room — so that their kids could play and I could have some peace. Then a truly terrible man moved in with his terrifed wife and twin baby boys. He seemed to take pleasure in NOT trying to work things out, and I suffered greatly from it. It is a matter for the landlord to handle, and I’m afraid, that is only as effective as your landlord choses to be. Mine was not. The other option is taking the landlord and tenant to court, as by law you are guaranteed “quite enjoyment” of your home. It is also the law in some states that a good percentage of the place be carpeted.

    Other than that, your options are guerilla actions. Once I put speakers right up against the ceiling facing my (another) noisy neighbors apartment. Then I blasted her out of bed one night. When she came down outraged, I said “That is what you are doing to me”. She never did it again. Basically, you make their life as difficult as they are making yours. But it can also mean chancing an ongoing battle, which can be equally as toxic.

    When the family finally moved, the wife slipped a scrawled note under my door. “I hope the next neighbors are better than we were.” I believe she was an abused woman, under the power of that terrible man, and can only hope for her and her kids.

    In the interim, you might try noise cancelling ear buds, though that won’t mitigate the vibration. It’s possible that some of the fixes for vibration I’ve posted would help. I plan to do a recap this week. Wishing you best of luck, and peace.

  36. Mike 03.07.2015 at 11:56am #

    Would these work? 4 Pack of Anti Vibration Pads 4″ x 4″ x 7/8″ Rubber/Cork Vibration isolation pads

  37. Sally 03.07.2015 at 8:22pm #

    Thanks for your 2 cents. Sorry, We’re WAY beyond those..(: Check out all the many fixes we’ve tried. I’m going to collect the most viable in a post soon.

  38. Graeme 05.22.2015 at 9:55am #

    Hi Sally. Sorry to hear about you problem. I found your site trying to find a solution to disturbed sleep due to passing heavy goods vehicles literally shaking our house.

    Were you able to come up with a solution? I had considered a hammock arrangement, but modified such that the hammock was supported by bicycle inner-tubes or similar (basically a strong yet elastic support that would hopefully absorb the vibrations).

    Have you or your friends attempted to characterise the vibration? I plan to use a cheap accelerometer bought from eBay in conjuction with an oscilloscope to hopefully identify the characteristic frequency of the structural movements. Once you know the frequency, you can hopefully calculate and devise an arrangement of mass/spring/damper to de-tune the frequency in question (google will be called upon for this I think 🙂

    If you know the frequency it might help you identify the source. It’s not building air conditioning or similar perhaps?

  39. Sally 05.24.2015 at 4:20pm #

    Hi. An acoustical engineer friend identified the frequency — two actually, one at a v low 6hz— AND that they are at a level that most people can not feel. I have always been an extremely sensitive person and became more so due to a medication I was taking. If you type ‘Vibrating bed” into IL’s SEARCH box you’ll see posts documenting the various things I’ve tried, including springs, and a primitive version of a mass-tuned damper using a speaker sub-woofer. Ultimately what helped hugely is to swap my metal bed frame for a wood one and to use Bose Noise Cancelling earbuds with certain calming sounds via a phone app; the sounds cancel out the vibration.

    Aslo downloaded an accelerometer to my iphone but don’t know how to interpret the values.

    Please let me know what fixes you come up with.

  40. Graeme 05.28.2015 at 4:06am #

    Hi Sally

    Actually after all of my sleep-deprived thinking, we have a simple fix that has made a huge difference to the shocks coming through the floor due to the HGVs. It’s probably going to sound a bit silly, but two fully inflated air mattresses on top of each other, below our own mattress, has got rid of the vibrations by about 90% I’d say (if not more).

    It’s gone from feeling like a jolt in the back with the mattress directly on the floor (I know, but that’s the minimalist approach for a bed we liked to use in our previous accommodation) to ‘did I feel something’.

    I know from your text that you tried a half-inflated air mattress, and actually so did I (before finding your blog). Counter-intuitively, the air mattress approach seems to work best for me when the mattress has more air in it – it didn’t seem to do much at all when half-inflated. And this method works even better with two…

    The only downside is that the bed now sags a little, so assuming this solution continues to work well I plan to sandwich a large board in there to keep things straight and level.

    If you do re-visit this solution, I really hope it works out, as I know how frustrating losing sleep can be.

    Best of luck,


  41. Sally 05.31.2015 at 2:25pm #

    Hi Graeme, Thanks for heartening input about how a fully-inflated air mattress sandwich might work. I’ll keep it in mind. Fortunately, my nervous system seems to have calmed quite a bit since I titrated down off the drug that made it so hyper-sensitive.


  42. mew 06.06.2015 at 1:08am #

    There is probably one or more air conditioner compressors on the top of the building and I’m guessing they kick on and stay on longer when the sun comes up..

  43. Daisy 06.07.2015 at 2:16am #

    Good Morning Sally

    Myself and a relation have a similar problem with Low Frequency Noise and VIBRATIONS and so sympathize with your plight. Our family have lived in an idyllic ex-council Three-storey block of houses shaped like a semi-circle for over thirty-five years with no apparent major problems. Of course we’ve had noisy neighbours with screaming children, continual renovations including new kitchen, ceilings, and laminate flooring, garden and it’s associated building noises but accepted it. The problem started over a year ago with a low background humming noise, which gradually worsened to become continual vibrations especially affecting the bedrooms. As a consequence we both now sleep each night on a settee and sofa, in the Dining and Living rooms respectively as the vibrations are slightly less in these rooms.

    To compound the issue is that with Low Frequency Noise and it’s associated vibrations and EMF, we’ve struggled to convince the authorities over the problem especially the Environmental Health Department who originally dismissed our claims. Mainly the authorities have no experience with Low Frequency Noise, until recently, and the regulations and research is understandably lacking to corroborate and identify the vibrations. In fact many people cannot feel, or identify low frequency noise so simply dismiss it or don’t take the complaint seriously.

    We’ve tracked back and identified the main causes of the vibrations as a faulty Central Heating system, both neighbours Washing Machines (built in the cupboards or on laminate flooring) and a power shower boosted for the low gravity water system. Unfortunately we’ve already been told by the authorities it’s unlikely they’d be able to intervene except to speak to the uncooperative neighbours. So unless we can find an expert to identify the Low Frequency Noises, and we’ve contacted one or two Universities that specialise in this field then it’s impossible to find and present the evidence to resolve this issue. So now left in limbo.

    My history, background and story can be found at this link

  44. Sally 06.18.2015 at 10:11am #

    Hi Daisy, sorry to take so long to reply. Although the vibration definitely exists in my place, it clearly has much to do with nervous system disruption due to a medication I took (and slowly got off of…WARNING: LUNESTA IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS).

    I will at some point try to track the vibration down and see if there is a way to mitigate it, because it can’t be good. Fortunately, since moving to my new place, I don’t have neighbors above me, which has been a huge relief. And I soundproofed the perimeter of the apartment when I did the renovation. Dealing with intractable neighbors is a horror that I have experienced. I have found that actually buy material for them to soundproof with occcasionally works, for example dampers for the washing machines. I even split the cost of carpeting a room where my then-lovely neighbors children played.

    A friend produced a film for a group of scientists who have done serious research into microwave and electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell towers etc. It is here, and very frightening. Although many may not feel it, I consider hyper-sensitive people like me to be “canaries in the coal mine”, warming what is there but not seen or heard. I’ve found that turning the wifi router OFF, and unplugging the tv in the bedroom helps greatly. And I NEVER have the phone or tablet in the bedroom if I can help it.

    Thanks again for your thoughts. Wishing you a good resolution to your noise/vibration issues.

  45. Fred 08.05.2015 at 6:34am #

    Sally, forget all these contraptions, swinging beds, blocks under your bed,jumping about like zeppeddy on springs, some one is doing something illegal around in the morning with some sort of machinery, so go to the council and demand they send out a detector van to pin point the person responsible , if they don’t do anything, try the citizens advice . If they can’t help ,then go to the police and say that you think there is some illegal practice going on around your area . Good luck.

  46. Stan 08.26.2015 at 12:58am #

    Possible cause of vibration in a unit: your neighbor uses
    1. Buss shakers/transducers, ex. “ButtKicker”
    2. Vibrating massage beds

  47. Stan 08.27.2015 at 12:05pm #

    bass shakers 🙂

  48. Joe 09.14.2015 at 5:37am #

    Hi . My wife & I are at our wits end. We moved into our house 3 years ago and immediately found that speeding HGV and buses during the night shake the bed alarmingly. I’ve tried the Aurthorities about speeding traffic -waste of time and effort.
    I’ve tried duvets,foam blocks,etc to little avail. Our bed is one of those slat bases on a wooden frame with 4 large wooden post legs and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts whether a base with say 4 small wheels might transmit less vibration.?
    Also the worst area is just past where our bed is where the bedroom wall is supended over a span in the lounge below.Its a 1930’s house perhaps a substantial RSJ might better support the floor there? Its a bit like where a wave breaks on the beach effect?
    We are seriously thinking of giving up and moving as a last resort……..

  49. Sally 09.14.2015 at 1:00pm #

    I seriously sympathize with your dilemma. Here’s what I know: 4 small wheels will not help. Having a wooden bed with 4 large wooden bed posts is GOOD but the slat base vibrates. I am trying to solve that dilemma myself. Plywood WON’T work as it tends to amplify sound. So the question is what material can you use to replace the slats to provide a platform for the mattress?

    I’ve discovered that thick solid wood blocks dampen the vibration significantly, so am in the process of making additional legs out of 4 x 4 hardwood to support the span of the bed and in the center.

    If you are bothered by the vibration only in the bedroom, you could look into having a floating, vibration free floor installed (though it would raise the height of the floor slightly). I don’t know what RSJ is…

  50. Joe 09.14.2015 at 4:41pm #

    Thanks Sally
    An RSJ is a strong steel beam that supports brickwork. The existing beam is probably wood.
    I too have thought about putting something (plywood etc) instead of the slats which are a bit like tuning forks. I weaved a foam strip between them to no effect.
    Its been so helpful to read this thread and thanks for your answer. I’ll watch with interest and hope.

  51. emiliano 11.03.2015 at 3:18am #

    water conduct vibration but only if it’s within a closed volume (like if you fill a balloon with water)

    if your building is completely made of concrete the vibration is already transmitted to both walls and ceiling, so no luck trying a hammock or suspending the bed from the ceiling

    what i would try to do is to build a floating bed, if you are in a boat you can’t feel the vibration from below water!

    like this

    | |__empty__| |
    |^^^ water ^^^|

    you can cover the spaces with cloth to avoid objects falling in the water
    and you must use some kind of loose cord to keep the bed floating without touching the rim of the water tank

  52. Sally 11.10.2015 at 9:54pm #

    It’s good to hear your thinking and the reasons why a traditional water bed will conduct, rather than reduce, vibrations. But I’m not sure how feasible it is to have a boatlike bed floating in a big container of water in a New York City apartment…Will mull

  53. Lisa 11.30.2015 at 9:55pm #

    I have been going nuts about a similar problem for more that a year now I think. I think it is gone though want to give it a whole week to see. I may not have the same exact problem or cause of the problem but maybe something about this can help it along. [Skip to the last few sentences to see what I linked it to before reading the background if you want.] What is crazy is that it started 4 years into my last apartment, and right away in my new apartment with a totally different bed as my last place was furnished. So of course went on journey: Exercise equipment? Pipes? Faulty wiring? Garage? Machine Issues? Fridge? Computer? Somatization of anxiety? Other health Issue? Ghosts? Gift? Even went to doctors and experimented tapering off a medication. None of these seemed to be linked. I would see my water bottle shake a bit (more so the water inside it shake very fast). Tried blockes, padding, rags, etc under feet of bed..even the tennis ball thing which I hope would be the last stop. I was aware months into this so for the most part that I was not (to the eye) physically externally shaking – but it seemed to my other senses that something outside of me as shaking me. It is so hard to tell after what with the sleepless induced fatigue/paranoia/psychosis and all from this. And both of my supers who I finally talked to either thought I was a princess or nuts probably or didn’t give a shit or were hiding a building issues. So I decided finally in the day to go outside and see if there is a machine (have not before as it is usually nighttime and I just thought wouldn’t most of the building then shake and wouldn’t people complain?) that made a similar noise. I am on the fourth floor, so I went to the level floor outside and under where my apartment is. There were double doors enclosing something called a standpipe which I think is one of those maze like pipes with pressure valves. The low frequency felt very similar. Hmm…could be it. There was also a sign that said “Electric Current stand back 10ft”. Electricity..hmm. Which one could it be? It made the symptoms that were developing suddenly make sense like waking up with buzzed lips and tongue, naussea, dizziness, etc. I went up and researched more..finally deciding to try the tennis ball things which was so hard to cut in half! I probably almost have a hernia from lifting bed corners so many times. I thought this would be it. It wasn’t. So I decided to focus on electricity. Thought about getting some guy to do an electricity reading before I approached my building about it. Then I considered buy a meter, then I found an Iphone app for an EMF meter. I first just put it in the air to get what I thought was a normal reading between 30 and 60. Then went to the Tv, microwave, fridge, computer, outlets, bed, whatever..they all seemed low. As I went back into bed the side of my eye caught the meter go way up to orange from green (more than 100). I thought it was just a fluke but went in that motion again. It was coming from my stupid ALARM CLOCK that is next to my head for 6 years!! It was like at least 130 and in the red as I touched it! I red about about and alarm clocks for some reason are one of the main culprits (or mine more so for whatever reason). I do need it though so it said it was safe about 3ft away – I put that bastard across the room! It creates magnetic fields and probably interacts with the springs in the bed too and our body’s electricity and cells. Last night I slept with no shaking! I just laid there tonight so far for 10 minutes to see if it was I have had some mirages for a few minutes in the past hoping something would work. No shaking so far today either. It is important to note that the water in the bottle still shakes but that is probably just normal vibrations from train and cars whatever else that I always felt should not be able to shake me. I also do not feel that weird slight sensation in my mouth and sometimes hands when lying down today and my nausea was completely gone this morning and all day! Am I posting too soon? Maybe – but I hope this helps and will update you and those reading. At the very least, EMF producing items to that extent cause all these wacky symptoms (nausea, dizziness, disruption of melatonin hormone that helps with sleep, interferes with our immunity and cells reparations, and of course can cause cancer)- keep the alarm clock away from your head please! I know it seems like this little small thing but it is frying you whether you find it linked to this shaking or not. Hope this in someway helps.

  54. Sally 12.09.2015 at 10:13pm #

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. A friend did a documentary about scientists concerned about EMF that is truly hair-raising. I make sure to turn off the wireless router, unplug tv, keep the phone away from the BR etc. But I will now download that EMF app and see what it says.

    Please keep me posted and I’ll let you know if I make any progress. THANKS AGAIN.

  55. annie 01.18.2016 at 12:32pm #

    Hi, I am impressed by the myriad solution you have devised. But FIRST, have you absolutely proven that the vibration is coming from the floor? Place a glass of water and carefully note if there is any movement in at the surface of the water. YOU MAY FIND THAT THE WATER IS STILL.
    IF SO, your bed, and your body may be responding to vibrations in your room caused by use by a neighbor of certain motors. Most likely it is your upstairs neighbor. Does he or she have a massage chair, or a bed massager? A treadmill? A faulty AC unit, or one that is not adequately installed?
    If the vibrations are at night, most likely a bed massager, if on hot days, and AC etc.
    Good luck. Hope the neighbor is honest and a good person.

  56. Sally 01.18.2016 at 3:37pm #

    Hi, Thanks for you thinking. I have no upstairs neighbor as I am on the top floor. It is not the downstairs neighbor. It appears to be a building mechanical (possibly in the basement) that turns on at a certain time early each morning and lasts a few hours. It occasionally goes on in the afternoon. We have yet to track it down.

  57. Tracy 01.31.2016 at 6:26pm #

    I felt, really bad I thought my neighbor was performin some convert operation to make my life a living hell ,I’d just moved inthe aartment and for the first week I had no problem sleeping, I’d noticed I could here my neighnors footsteps & viceversa thoughout the unit, this meant there was not a firewall between she and I.There was just floor, stucko and sheetrock, in between empty air,
    so once I got unpacked, and set up everthing I’d place my tv on my antiques dresser, which has a mirror, I I set the stereo, and speaker in the corner , and placed my meomory foam kingsized mattress in the middle of the bed, two lamps on each nightstand, I placed a antique mirror in from of the window for vanity & priavacy.Now I started experiencing vibrations, then pins and needle affect on my legs, then it got to a point if I sat on the bed ot was vibrating, I could not sleep for two weeks intially in the unit, I called law enforcement and the police officer said after he knocked on the door of the downstairs neighbor and she would not answer the door, that it was civil matter and if the neighbor would not open the door to talk to him that he could do nothing in response to the complaint, if she would not respond or speak to them, I returned to my bedroom after and with disdain for the neigjbor Istill could notsleep, The next day I went to the Residential Office to speak with the resiential manager, who told to contact security for disturbances. During a two week peroid , Security responded for 5 different night when I still I couldnt sleep. Only to tell me, they could not here or feel the vibration. I RESPONDED YOU CANNOT HEAR OR FEELING,THE KINDA WERE DIMISSIVE AND LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS A NUT!!!! THE BEXT DAY I CONNECTED THE AUDIO AND BLASTED THE NEIGHBOR WITH 528 HERTZ AND BEAT SOUNDS. TURN ON MY SLEEP AUDIO TO CHIRPING CRICKETS OVER THE SECOND BEDRM, WHERE THE NEIGHBORS DAUGHTER SLEPT…….NOW HOW DO U LIKE THAT, SNEAKY NEIGHBOR, THATS WHAT YOUR DOING TO ME HOWD YOU LIKE IT????????????, I POUNDED ON THE FLOOR WITH A HAMMER,
    BUT THE VIBRATION CONTINUED, THIS EVIL HEFFA !!!!! EVERYTIME I ROLLED OVER , PINS AND NEEDLES????, lord have mercy help me, I’d just moved in and already it was a problem,I WALKED ALL NIGHT AND SLEPT ONTOP OF PILLOWS ON THE MATTRESS STILL no sleep in two weeks, VIBRATIONS continued The sleep deprivation was making me paranoid. I knew the neighbor was causing it, ????????????so i went to internet and search for skm getback, I connected the audio , turn the speakers face down to the floor and blasted her,while playing the youtube in stereo, because i dont listening to loud music it just go on my nerves so after a hour i cut it off. Returned back to bed where I could feel the electricity in the air, the beats from the stereo had the room filled with electricity I could feel it and it immediately gave me a migraine and I couldnt lie down, so I took a hot bath and sat there in relief of the water , feeling my mucles relax I fell asleep, the paranoid mindset said to me ,” she cant get me now I’m in the bathtub”, I was so happy to not feel my heart pounding like it was going to jump out my head, when I got out the bath and dressed.
    I took meds for the migrain, but I couldnt lie down , the bed was pins and needles and vibrating, what fresh hell was this, why what had I done to
    this lady to recieve this torture?, After having security over and company of a friendand no one could verify the vibration or the faight null noise, I knew I wasn’t going insane. I took to the internet for answers, I disasembled the bed and put it on books under the frane and pillows under the floor, this only minimized the vibration I could still feel it, the next day I complained to the office , the resonded by sending maintenance to check the neighbors unit, for ceiling fan space heaters and checked her furnace for leaks, still I vibrated….tearfull and enraged, I took the gun lock off & cleaned my gun.but I knew this was a endgame soluton she’d go to hell i’d go to jail, I put the lock back on and placed the gun back up. I went to knock on the neighbors door but she would not open or answer my knocks I came back ustairs and heard her sturring around and playing her television louldly, .God help me, I sat there crying , why was this happening, I couldnt move , Id just moved in, I got back on the net, and looked up vibrating bed, and I came across this article, after reading what others were experincing with the I knew I wasnt going insane!!!!!!!#, finally as Icontinued to read, I came across the article WHERE THE PERSON SAYS HIS CLICK RADIO WAS FRYING HIS BRAIN CCAUSONG VIBRATIONS AND HIS BED WAS PINS AND NEEDLES. MY GOD, IT WAS ALL THE EKECTRONICS, DAMN I HAD SET UP A MAGNETIC FIELD IN MY BEDROOM THE TV AND THE STEREO WERE EMIITTING FREQUECIES, AND THE MEMORY FOAM MATRESS WAS ABSORBING THEM ALL AND THE SPRINGS WERE THE CONDUCTORS OF THE ELECTRICITY FROM THE TWO LAMPS THE MIRRORS WERE BOUNCING THE FREQUENCIES AROUND THE ROOM, MAKING IT FEEL LIKE PINS AND NEEDLE WHENEVER I ROLL OVER IN THE BED, ……Damn, DAMN , DAMN. ID CREATED A MAGNECTIC FIELD AND THE ELECTINICS AMD CELLPHONES WERE ZAPPING ME AS I SLEPT, and AS I SAT ON THE MATTRESS.
    I unplugged the tv and positioned it in the corner on a wood tv stand, unplugged the radio from the power strip unplugged the lamps and the deep freezer that made the oscalaation noise in the vibrations, because there want a fire wall I could still feel a slight vibration from her unit to mine, but it was the tv, the radio, they were the culprits. The reasons why the bed was vibrating, now I slept for the first time in to weeks, I felt like such a jackass, poor lady, how do i apologize, Id did it to myself not knowing i was setting up a magnectuc field, in a smaller bedrm. I felt really bad, I swore this lady was out to get me and it was the tv and the radio emitting frequencies and they were asbsorbed by the memory foam matress, Now I realized I was the neighbor from hell????. What to do,. I slept to 2pm sunday morning. HOW DO I APOLOGIZE FOR WASTED MAN HOURS, AND HARRASMENT OF MY NEIGHBORS.WHEN IT WAS I WHO SET UP A MAGNECTIC FEILD, IDK. JUST HAPPY I CAN SLEEP,IDK WHAT IM GOING, OR IF I’LL SAY ANYTHING IF I DO THEN I’M SURE TO BE SEEN AS A NUT, BUT IT WAS REAL, AND I FOUND A SOLUTION , NOW HOW DO I APPLOGIZE????? ANY IDEAS EMAIL ME. [email protected]. and thank you Lisa for posting the solution to my problem of the vibrating bed, If the intial couple didnt have a problem with the vibrating bed I would never have found lisa who saw the guy who Discovered it was the clock radio on his nightstand & it frying his brain. Smh in glory, Thank you , Thank you, thank you.

  58. Tracy 01.31.2016 at 6:37pm #

    Sorry about the typo’s

  59. David 02.19.2016 at 8:32pm #

    I just wanted to share some observations from my experience with the same problem. I am positive my problem is caused by airplanes that are flying lower and faster that previously. I live 6 miles from the airport but smack dab in the middle of the loop they do to gain altitude. The vibration is low frequency noise that many people cannot hear but nonetheless can feel. I think the low frequency noise is due to wake vortices and is similar to the noise that wind turbine sufferers complain about. It has a tendency to become amplified by surface structures for example from the ground it could vibrate hardwood floors which in turn create their own noise and imparting the rest that vibrates the air. It is almost impossible to block the vibrations because properties of low frequency noise enable it to basically vibrate everything in its path. I can even feel the swaying inside posh theaters so if imagine if multi million dollar setups can’t block it out neither can you. Look up FAA’s NextGen for more information.

  60. Debra 02.23.2016 at 11:38am #

    Thank you for this post. I also suffer from this vibrational sensitivity and am loosing much sleep. I’ll have to try the beanbag pellets. I look forward to hearing that you have solved this problem.

  61. Sally 02.23.2016 at 11:47am #

    Sensitive people’s nervous systems can get activated by computers, televisions and wifi, which all emit radiation. Try turning off off all computers and wifi router, and unplugging your tbs. It can make a big difference. (When I accidentally leave one on, I feel the vibration more and don’t sleep.)

  62. Sally 02.23.2016 at 12:23pm #

    Debra, please read later posts. The pellets only worked for a short time. The best fix so far has been a wooden bed (metal amplifies vibration), supported along the long span and in the center on wood blocks if possible. I put every leg on 2 or 3 hockey pucks which, curiously, help a lot. Couple that with turning off all radiation-emitting devices and “winding down” an hour before sleep. It’s a lot to do (and I may sound like a nut to some) but it all helps.

  63. Pushti 03.08.2016 at 5:30pm #

    I have experienced these “vibrations” coming from the floor below when I’m laying down on my couch & bed & even sometimes when I am standing barefoot on my wooden floors. I had the landlord check out the electricity & like others, the electricians thought I was crazy! It is coming from some kind of massage apparatus b/c I can feel the different modes as I lay in my bed: heat, tingling, vibrations etc. just like a Brookstone chair. My thought is they are plugging it into an ungrounded outlet & my body becomes the ground. It is worse in the air around me when I lift parts of my body off the bed. I believe this is stray voltage or dirty electricity or EMF. Any sound I make increases the effect. My buckwheat pillow protects my head most of the time but I can also feel it pinging my chest along with the jolts. pings in my hands, & feet, I can feel a laser like ping right under my feet or head right before the cycle begins. At times I feel extreme pressure in my sinuses, headaches,& dizzy. In my case, it is clear they are doing it deliberately, attempting to bully me out of my top floor NYC apartment! I can’t afford to move so I’ve managed to minimize it to an extent with some of the fixes other people have tried here: foam padding under my bed(wooden ikea) & placing a cotton futon over my mattress (the mattress has metal springs that conduct it) Also I take methyl B12 & Bodyguard for EMFs. The pigs below continue no matter how quiet I am, so now they get to listen to my music w/speakers on the floor all day. It does my “heart’ good to know they don’t have any peace either!

  64. Pushti 03.14.2016 at 12:53pm #

    I think Stan’s post(see above) is the most accurate & the “vibrations” are low frequency from bass shakers set up on the floor below w/o isolators. In my case, they had them hooked to a massage chair & now to a game system. The vibration component is the least of it: the floor doesn’t vibrate that much, but my body does. Still the body vibrations pale in comparison to the pings & shots etc from the games. I also thought that the metal was conducting it, but my fouton couch setup has absolutely no metal & I still get the same type of sensation. I tried turning off my wifi devices: no impact! I just ordered a heavy metal bed frame & if this improves it, I will buy a metal sheet to place on the floor under the foam cushioning that my bed sits on. Here’s the prize winning info I found about these bass shakers: Bass Shakers Love Wood!

  65. Sally Schneider 03.16.2016 at 1:56pm #

    My situation is not from bass shakers. Metal amplifies whatever is happening in my place. The lesson: these sound and vibration issues are really complicated!!!

  66. suzi 04.22.2016 at 9:06am #

    Well we just moved into a house which we knew was right close to a foundry well we thought we can live with the noise of the fans. But what we where not told was it does centrifugal casting ! 11 oclock most nights it kicks in until 6 7 am. It’s a bueatiful place & we don’t want to move again. But the vibrations are making me feel physically sick. So I am following all these ideas with interest.

  67. Sally Schneider 04.22.2016 at 3:47pm #

    I would imaging there are a good amount of ways you could soften the vibration. Since you are talking about a whole house, you might want to talk to an expert. I’ve finally gotten my bed (WOOD), worked out so that the vibration is greatly dampened. I got down the legs and placed them on 3 stacked hockey pucks. With additional wood-and-hockey puck supports along the span and center of the bed…hmmm. it occurs to me I should do a follow up post with a few pix.
    Good luck!

  68. Cheryl Trembaly 05.08.2016 at 3:57pm #

    I have been living with a vibrating house since my neighbor installed a used ac unit on the roof. He is first floor I’m second. His installer came out twice. Fan changed. No different. They stopped doing anything. I called code enforcement several times and when they came the neighbor refuses to answer the door and cooperate with us to find a remedy. What he does do is drop the ac down so low it has gotten my sheet rock wet. He knows what the it sounds like up in my unit and continues to harass me with it with the push of a button. Got association involved. They have known since Dec. 7th and have had roofers, ac people, etc. out here. As soon as the ac fires up the vibration permeates through the house. Main source is over the dining room table. I moved into my bedroom in Feb. because it is the farthest point from the source. On line research shows the vibration could be traveling down the lines from the roof through the chases where air handlers are located in the closets. It is amazing what sleep deprivation does to a body. Trying to function on a daily basis becomes difficult when tired all the time. It’s been 8 months. Does anyone have and knowledge of vibrating ac units through their discoveries?

  69. Cheryl Trembaly 05.08.2016 at 6:31pm #

    vibrating ac

  70. Joe 05.13.2016 at 12:23am #

    Maybe you are using a firm mattress supported by a rigid platform, like mine. I don’t have a box spring. The mattress is supported on wide plastic boards that interlock and connect to a plastic frame. When the upstairs neighbor walks, the whole bed seems to lurch, making me startled and aggravated. I have decided to insert plush folded bedspreads between the mattress and the platform.

  71. Aaron 05.17.2016 at 10:13pm #

    It would be a lot easier to guess at the source of the vibration, and to isolate and dampen it, if you recorded the vibrations that make it into your bedroom floor. An app won’t cut it because the sample rate is too low, but there are cheap Arduino-based accelerometer/data loggers you can DIY or you can buy one off the shelf. A simple FFT frequency analysis will tell you what the important frequencies of the vibrations are. If it’s an electric motor-based vibration, it will have a single well-defined main frequency (most likely). If stomping around creates vibrations at that same main frequency, then it’s your floor’s natural frequency. If it’s subway noise, aircraft noise, road noise etc. it will not have a main frequency.

    A high-density PU foam mattress like you have is more springy than damping — memory foam damps vibrations just like sorbothane. You might give that a try.

  72. Sally Schneider 05.18.2016 at 1:38pm #

    Aaron, Thank you for your thoughts and advice.
    Early on, an acoustical engineer loaned me an accelerometer. We found that the frequency is an astonishingly low 4-6 hz at levels lower than most humans can feel (but I am a seriously sensitive person). So the vibration exists, the problem is where/what is it coming from?

    It is clearly a building mechanical, as it goes on and off at the same times. We have ruled out roof mechanicals which is mostly venting systems…My suspicion is it is the water delivery system in the basement as it occurs at peak hours of water usage. I live in a concrete building so vibrations travel far.

    If I had an accelerometer it is conceivable that I could try to match the reading to one of the building mechanicals. The difficulty for me is that I haven’t a clue about how to make a “cheap Arduino-based accelerometer” nor what I need to look for to buy one. If you could point me to webpages/info, I’d deeply appreciate it.

  73. Beth 05.19.2016 at 4:40pm #

    I, too, have vibration. The difference is, I know where it is coming from, but no one will help me.

    I live in a 40 year old condo. I own it, and have lived here 30 years. This vibration problem did not always exist. I don’t remember when it started but about four years ago maybe. The renter and I share a bedroom wall. When he and his girlfriend make out, it causes my mattress to tremor. Sometimes I can hear their movement through my pillow. Not loud, but vibration wise. Weird, but I was told by an acoustical person it is common. I know the rug and carpet are very old, and the acoustical guy said it was likely a problem with the floor. The landlord will not replace the floor due to cost and she doesn’t believe her tenant is causing any thing. Our management company says they don’t know what to do and the Board does nothing. The renter and girlfriend cause this vibration EVERY, off and on all night. He lied to the Board and said they weren’t doing anything to cause it. I can’t prove it so the Board said they can’t fine him. Consequently, I can’t sleep. I bought a new mattress and bed three years ago. The frame is adjustable as I have sleep apnea and arthritis. I don’t have money to set up vibration equipment to prove I am feeling it, and even if I did, I don’t know if the Board would still do anything. I don’t have much money being retired, and I almost have my place paid off. I have spent a lot updating it when working so I would not have to worry about money and a roof over my head. The renter and his girlfriend both work and could move, but won’t. I know soundproofing doesn’t stop vibration, as I have it in my living room when that neighbor turns her fan on. She has owned the unit a long time, but usually rents it out, and I did not have that problem then. She is being difficult. I soundproofed that wall four years go. So it isn’t stopping the vibration from her floor. I was told years ago, the tenant under her complained about her floor. The story goes, she said it cost too much to fix it. Now I am suffering from it as well. I am a cancer survivor, with some other health issues. My doctor said the fact I am loosing sleep will probably kill me early. Sleeping pills are not an option due to their dangers. We tried one other med, and it was awful. So, I understand your problem. I have it as well. Life is not good.

  74. Kaye 05.26.2016 at 6:19pm #

    My bed vibrates but I am what is known as a targeted individual. Mine is caused by electromagnetic pulses. We have been sprayed from above with nanotechnology which has grown in our bodies. It grows faster with vibration…look up military experiments with nanotechnology and vibration. Also to see a scientist explain this watch youtube video “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife the Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology” They are bringing in their one world government and have made lists of people they think will be resisters and are targeting them for slow kill. They use to vibrate my whole body but now it is targeted at my lungs and kidneys. I think they are trying to give me cancer…not sure, but it hurts. I thought maybe a waterbed would absorb the vibration. I have been sleeping with rubber mats, they worked for a while but they have turned up the vibration.

  75. Sally Schneider 05.30.2016 at 9:09pm #

    Thanks but we’re WAY beyond these…

  76. Susan L. 07.25.2016 at 11:50pm #

    After reading these posts and various solutions I am feeling hopeless. Has anyone had success with changing to a memory foam mattress? I have a wood frame and no box spring. Or has ANYONE found a solution? Resolving the source is not an option.

  77. Pia 07.27.2016 at 10:40am #

    Have a look here. I also have issues with vibrations in my bed and a low frequency noise which I started hearing/ feeling in April 2014.

  78. Mike 08.28.2016 at 4:12pm #

    Hi I also have had this problem and I found a way that fully works for me, basically it material but the right material used right and it’s pretty simple too make, basically you need two pairs of long thick hiking socks I find it better too use four pairs and double up on each bed leg, ok what you do is you take you sock and fold it five times so the sock is looks square thick as it is wide ( the more times you fold it the better) then get about 20cm of duck tape two stripes for each sock do the tape is in cross shape across the square shape sock, do this four times for each bed leg, I find it better too do this twice for each bed leg (8 socks) I find it better using two on each bed leg because one of them will take the weight of the bed and the second sock will add comfort, it worked for me, you could try adding three socks for each bed leg probably be even better, I hope this helps.

  79. Wallies 10.08.2016 at 4:49am #

    I have the same problem always at the same time of the day and night. I live close to high voltage power lines and think it might be the EMF or the high voltage field that causes magnetic interference in the coils inside the mattrass. I don’t know how to test it or fix it. The frequency of the vibration feels similar to when getting an electric shock from the mains.

  80. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 12:37pm #

    Use truck innertubes. Use 4. Assemble as follows. Wood crossmember for foot of bed,
    Place 2 tubes directaly on wood cross member. Do not attach. Repeat for head of bed. Inflate innertubes to firm preshure. Place bed springs on innertubes place matress on bed springs. Reinflate inertubes monthly or sooner. Bed should be highley mobile and woble greatly.
    I used green slime innertubes.

  81. Sally Schneider 10.12.2016 at 12:44pm #

    Thanks a lot for this. I looked into truck innertubes but got stymied and unsure of how to proceed. This is very clear.
    How did you come to it?

  82. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 12:44pm #

    Use truck innertubes. Use 4. Assemble as follows. Wood crossmember for foot of bed,
    Place 2 tubes directaly on wood cross member. Do not attach. Repeat for head of bed. Inflate innertubes to firm preshure. Place bed springs on innertubes place matress on bed springs. Reinflate inertubes monthly or sooner. Bed should be highley mobile and woble greatly.
    I used green slime innertubes.

    there is a risk of over infiling the tubes so use a manual pump.

  83. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 12:51pm #

    I am a designer. The tube idea uses mechanical advantage like a leaver to reduce the intensity of the vibration. I also have adhd. Whitch is the main source of my ideas. I just put it on the back burner and wated for crazy to come back. This approach usualy works.

    As for the tire idea. Your readers may experiment with one wood member or two. But i must streas this fackt. Inflating inertubes is a low pressure application. Putting to much air into a tube will result in rupture… and a forcfull one. But the idea does work. And it can be adjusted. I will make u-tube video.

  84. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 12:56pm #

    Sory about the repost.

  85. Sally Schneider 10.12.2016 at 1:00pm #

    Truck inner tubes are about 44-48″ in diameter. Is this what you mean?
    And do you mean to put the wood crossmember on TOP of the tubes, to support the bed frame?

  86. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 3:10pm #

    No. you will want to lay the tubes flat on there sides against the cross member. The idea is to make the vibrations enter the tubes in as small an area of cross section as posible. With the bed springs having as much contact area as posible. In this way the vibrations induce there energy into the lever on the long side of the lever.

    Aka the vibrations put a lot of work into moving the bed a small distance. Like a leaver.

    But i will make a video to ilustrate.

  87. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 3:40pm #

    Please be cautious with the innertube idea. There is the risk of tube rupter, but there is also the political risk… from publishing the idea.

  88. Russell elhardt 10.12.2016 at 9:19pm #

    I really must appoligize. I had somone shoot the video for me and now that video is locked up in a non functioning device.

    This is what i have for my effort.
    Its only 7 seconds but it does show my confiburation.
    You will want to place your bed springs directaly upon the tubes. The tubes will need to be firm. Not hard but firm. Also the mattes will need to be checked periodicaly to make shure it is free from objects and resting only on the tubes.

    I will try to upload the other videos.

    In the mean time i recomend an app from the istore called seismometer. It is white with a blue squigaly line. Using that app you can prove to any land lord that the structure is vibrating to unhealty levels. At which point the land lord usualy fixes the problem. Please send an email if anyone needs help configuring the app.

    [email protected]
    Sleap well frends

  89. Sally Schneider 10.13.2016 at 2:57pm #

    Thank you. The video is very helpful. I see the configuration you were talking about.

  90. Russell elhardt 10.13.2016 at 3:15pm #

    There will be more.

  91. Russell elhardt 10.13.2016 at 5:57pm #

    Check out this playlist on YouTube:

    Here they are.

  92. Russell elhardt 10.16.2016 at 11:16am #

    Its been nearly 5 days. How is the tube idea working for you?

  93. Sally Schneider 10.17.2016 at 10:50am #

    Hi Russell, A belated thank you for posting those videos. They are incredibly helpful.
    I don’t know that I will be able to get to this right away as it would mean quite a redo/reorganization of my place, which I don’t have time for at the moment.
    I’d read about using truck inner tubes (even researched it). It’s great to see it in action and hear the thinking behind it.

    What kind of vibration made you rig it up?

    AND do you ever have a problem with the mattress tilting too much?

    Thanks again!

  94. Russell elhardt 10.17.2016 at 1:46pm #

    Yes there is the posibility of the mattress tilting a lot. I sleap by myself so i don’t need to wory about a partner disturbing me in the night.
    After a year however you can really tell the diffrence between tubes that have been at the head of the aray from those at the feet. When the aray is rotated 90 dagrees the angle can be quite uncomfortable to sleap on.

    My place is vibrated by air contitioner units. Bothe the heat exchangers on top of the structures and the blower motors situated threwout the structure.
    When i first moved in i was shocked at the vibration. Actualy they warned me that the vibrations had kept them from renting it to anyone.

    When i complained they terminated the employe who gave me the warning. So i used an app called seismometer to record the vibrations. When the appartment managers saw my proof they imediatly moved to retrofit the building. And the vibrations reduced by half. Still not enuf to reliably sleap by. I was forced to seek sanctuary in the comfort of an air mattress. The air mattress however would only redirect the vibrations to the sides of my body.

    At work i asked a rotating equipment specialist to explain the dynamics of springs and vibrating isolation.

    He told me that no spring or air bag exorbs vibration. All energy that enters the bag or spring exits . In desporation i bought the tubes anyways. I started by sandwhiching them in various ways between matress and bedsprings.

    This approach let my bypass some of the bedspring amplification of the vibration by reducing contact with the springs. But you could still hear the vibration in my voice as i lay in the bed. After a fiew weeks of considering the energies involved i decided to place be bags underneath. And it worked quite well.

  95. Russell elhardt 10.17.2016 at 2:07pm #

    There is however a question that needs to be asked and answered. Why?

    Why do some places vibrate?
    Why has the government not stepped in?
    And why do people not step up to fix or resolve these problems?

    Well the reason is that most rent structures are constructed when the demand for housing is incredibly high. Under that environment contractors know that the next oportunity to build appartments comes emediatly after this jobs completion. So they do the work as quikly as posible and move on. This leads to an overbuild of structures. In which case appartments that vibrate are left unocupied and un fixed.

    As for the government. They researched the affects of vibration indused sleap deprivation years ago. And were poised to legislate on the problem. But others within the housing industry used there considerable political powers(money) to end the effort to make our world a better place. Today the government only provides a warning that vibrating appartment are associated with an increase ocurance of heart atack, and scoleosis in children. However local government may well have steped up in some locations.

    As for why people do not step up to fix these problems. Appartment ac units are often embedded in structural members of there structures. Requiring the relocation of ocupents when large rotating componits need to be replaced. Not good for busines.
    Additionaly those fiew local governments who regulate appartment vibration can only close or condem structures as unlivable. Which explains why appartment managers usualy play down vibration problem.

    Then there is my solution. A single innertube has the explosive force of a stick of dinonite. Tube isolation means that inorder for an ocupent to sucessfuly reside in a vibrationg appartment that they must sleap on 4 or more bombs.
    This creates the potential of a political debate returning to our governments. Perhaps this time change to building codes will become a reality.

  96. Sally Schneider 10.17.2016 at 8:28pm #

    That is quite a story, and some great information. Thank you. I’m going to download the app and see what it says. I really like how your divined your way to a solution…just kept trying until you figured something out. Thanks for sharing what you found.

  97. Robert 10.27.2016 at 7:56am #

    This was an interesting read. I came across it because my bed periodically vibrates. I think mine is caused by explosions at a testing range on a nearby military base. They don’t really keep me up, but they caused me to wonder at the source. I wonder if those of you with more constant vibration issues might be able to use the piezoelectric effect to absorb and convert that energy. Some sort of crystal built into the legs. Conservation of energy says that should dampen the vibrations by removing mechanical energy from the system and converting it to electrical energy. Such piezoelectric system are used to measure vibrations in motor support bases rather than dampen them but depending on the efficiency of that piezo electric generator it would still remove energy from the system.

  98. Russell elhardt 10.28.2016 at 12:19am #

    That is an interesting idea. If it proves usful please provide details.

  99. susan downes 11.03.2016 at 3:42pm #

    I have had serious problems with my bed vibrating for the past 3 yrs. I have a strong reason to believe that someone is either torturing you with the vibration by using a butt kicker transducer which is used in a video game or some other vibrating device. I know this sounds crazy but my ex-convict felony neighbor has been torturing me for years with noxious odors, sound waves, electromagnetic torture and yes vibrating my bed and my entire floor. I have tried almost everything you have described. After speaking with an engineer at work I purchased $200+ of aluminum sheets and grounded them to my outlets with copper wire and alligator clips. This helped tremendously to block the EMF waves. I then spent $100 on soundproof squares for the sound wave torture. Now I sleep with foil on my feet, under my bottom bed sheet and I tie rubber to my ankles. Finally, THE BEST THING I HAVE FOUND THAT WORKS FOR THE VIBRATIONS IS OLD TIRE RUBBER THAT I HAVE SURROUNDED MY BED WITH THAT TOUCHES THE FRAME AND THE FLOOR. It is a messy fix but a free one. I find blown truck tire pieces all the time and I now use them to line my bed. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MY EMAIL AT [email protected]. As it is very hard to believe someone is experiencing the same torture I am whether it be of a criminal harassment nature or from a local legal source and it would be nice to discuss this further.

  100. susan downes 11.03.2016 at 3:58pm #

    Additional comment i have also surrounded my bed with thin cement blocks which have also helped a lot.

  101. Russell elhardt 11.03.2016 at 4:18pm #

    Afternoon guyes. Had any luck with the tube idea?

  102. susan 11.04.2016 at 11:14am #

    how do I leave a comment?

  103. susan 11.04.2016 at 11:15am #

    I wrote a long comment yesterday that was not posted. I have had same problem for 3 yrs due to a neighbor harassing me! Please try using strips of blown out tires found on the side of the road and wedge them under the sides of your bed touching the floor and the frame and even have them support your bed this works great!!!

  104. Sally Schneider 11.04.2016 at 11:31am #

    Hi Susan, Thanks so much for your info. I am contemplating trying inner tubes, and will definitely check out your tire rubber solution.

  105. Sally Schneider 11.04.2016 at 11:33am #

    Hey Russell, I wonder if you got my earlier email asking if you think it would work with smaller inner tubes, say 18 inches in diameter? The big truck ones are not viable for my space right now.

  106. Russell elhardt 11.04.2016 at 10:31pm #

    Yes sally i got that email. And i responded to it 3 times i think. I gues you did not get my replies… yes i beleave that smaller tubes will work. The tubes will need to be large enuf to reliabley lift the bed away from the fame. The only short coming of smaller tubes would be there reduced long jevity. Less material is used up faster as far as the entrapy phenamina is conserned.
    I will post here the emails that you did not tecieve.

  107. Russell elhardt 11.04.2016 at 10:37pm #

    Dear, sally.
    Yes a smaller array of inntertube should work. all that is needed is large top surface contact and small under surface contact.

    Smaller tubes however will have less sacrificial material, so they won’t last as long. I don’t think I explained that (sacrificial material).
    Rubber will stretch, when rubber stretches it returns to its previous state. In terms of energy, energy in equals energy out.
    But if you stretch rubber past its ability to store energy then the material begins to degrade. the stretch damages the material. in terms of energy/vibration, the vibration expends itself by overstretching the rubber, which dissipates the vibration before it gets to you. aka, entropy.

    so yes smaller tubes should work, but they won’t last as long.

    Russell Elhardt

    Looking now at susans approach this appears to be a marvelus brute force approach. I do have one point of consern however. Tire ruber is combined with other chemicals to improve its properties. Most of those chemicals are locked up in the ruber and safe this way but susan you are using broken ruber that might release these chemicals that could be toxick. Pleas consider sealing up your ruber pieces in hevy contractor bags so you are not affected by the chemicals.

  108. Russell elhardt 11.04.2016 at 10:49pm #

    Sally as for a 13 inch diamiter tubes. I would try airing them up untill they begin getting springy. Then place under your bed. At that point place a phone or tablet with the seismometer on the bed. When the vibrations ocure start airing up one of the tubes to see what your sweet spot is.

    Be carful not to overinflate your tubes however. Doing that can be quite dangerous. But i don’t think you will get much higher than 6 psi… of course i have yet to test my own rig for the running pressure.

    Ps have you tried the seismometer ap? It is produced by a company called yellowagents.

    Heck ill just wright out the link
    I use the following settings
    Z-axes on
    Xand y off

  109. Russell elhardt 11.04.2016 at 10:52pm #

    As for the cement block idea. Yes that works by pinning the floor down. The guy in my apartment before me did this by filling contractor buckets with rocks. It does appear to work.

  110. Russell elhardt 11.04.2016 at 11:02pm #

    With sample raite at 100 hz

  111. Sally Schneider 11.05.2016 at 10:12am #

    Russell, Thank you so much for all this info. It is really helpful as is your recommendation for the seismometer. I tried one in the past but couldn’t figure out how to read the axes. So just have one is great. I’ll keep you all posted when I try inner tubes.

    As for cement blocks, I actually MADE four concrete blocks to use as bed legs, with sorbothane. BAD IDEA. Concrete wicks the vibration. It’s weight does help a little to dampen the floor vibration, though I don’t enough to be worth having them around the bed.

  112. susan 11.09.2016 at 12:42pm #

    actually I don’t think inner tubes will work as well as the steel lined pieces of tires as these can effectively support your bend and do not make your bed bouncy but firm.

  113. susan 11.09.2016 at 12:51pm #

    I have noticed slight odor from the tires but not enough to deem it toxic I also think that after the tires were separated that the toxins have already dispersed.

  114. Sally Schneider 11.13.2016 at 10:26am #

    Thanks again. Now to find tire parts in NYC…

  115. Russell elhardt 11.17.2016 at 9:15am #

    How comes the effort?

  116. Juan 11.17.2016 at 12:09pm #

    I have the same problem

    this i smy faceboook, so we can tlak about it

    it makes me want to die

  117. Sally Schneider 11.20.2016 at 3:46pm #

    Hi Russell, Planned out but as yet undone as it means a massive upheaval. Will keep you posted.

  118. Russell elhardt 11.21.2016 at 1:42pm #

    Your facebook details appear to have been eddited by sight administrators. If you really need somone to chat whith you may search fb with my name…

  119. Kirstin 11.26.2016 at 9:09am #

    Hi Sally,

    I have a bit of an odd suggestion, so please forgive me if this doesn’t apply to you. I did not read through all the responses. Could the vibrating feeling be coming from within you? I have this problem and it is due to something called adrenal fatigue. Lunesta may have either triggered it or made it worse. Mine used to be so strong that it felt like we were having an earthquake or Ike the bed was shaking back and forth. Have you also tried wearing EMF protection jewelry, if this is EMF related, or using an EMF home protection setup? Several companies sell them and are as easy to use as plugging them into the wall.. I am sure you have answered this too many times, but how about moving to someplace different, perhaps a single structure, like a small house or guest house, where no other units could affect you? Perhpasmthe building is built on soil that had a negative history (been known to happen).

  120. Sally Schneider 11.27.2016 at 9:32pm #

    Thanks for your concern. The vibration is not coming within. It has been measured and exists, though at an extremely low level. Lunesta, possibly in league with adrenal fatigue, triggered it.
    I haven’t heard about EMR protection devices. Basically, I just unplug everything, and turn off wifi. I’ll look into them.

  121. Russell elhardt 12.15.2016 at 10:10am #

    Hay sally. Im finding it yousful to cheat my tubes out to the sides. Basicaly i am placing the tube so its outer edge is supporting the frame of the bed spring.

    Not shure if this is becaus the tubes are getting old, but it helps a lot. I will put up a new video so you can see it.

  122. Sally Schneider 12.15.2016 at 6:29pm #

    Russell, I was wondering about that…to prevent tipping the mattress. Thanks for the info. I’ve just been too busy to try the tubes yet but am hoping to soon. Will keep you posted.

  123. Dawn 01.11.2017 at 3:29pm #

    Believe me iv had two years of vibrational bed and sleepless night and yes as one suggestion above put it covert nieghbours took me a long time to work out my vibrations come from a grow house making my life hell but 2 years down the line I’m still waiting for the authorities to take action and restore my heavenly sleep and piece that’s been robbed from me by selfish illegal goings on

  124. Dawn 01.11.2017 at 3:32pm #

    Likewise covert operation of the illegal neighbourly souce that’s why my bed has been vibrating for the past 2 nightmarish years and it’s still going on night after night

  125. Jeff Simpson 01.25.2017 at 7:45pm #

    You folks have been trying to fix the space under your bed. But you need to cover a greater area than that or else your attempted solutions will be only partially effective, if at all.

    Have you tried covering your entire floor wall to wall with vibration absorbing (or sound insulation) materials?

  126. Joda 01.29.2017 at 4:50am #

    Im right now trying these out. Springs made for beeing vibration isolators.

    You need to have a heavy foundation.
    Built a solid foundation of wood in which I placed 130 kg stone. Total weight 163 kg. Placed bed on top of foundation (+50 kg). Me (+75 kg). Total weight approx 300 kg. Foundation stands on 4 pcs isotop sd4. This means a load of 75 kg per spring feet. Means resonant frequency of approxx 4 Hz. Which means in theory good isolation/reduction of vibrations from say 6-10 Hz and up.

    See here:

  127. Sally Schneider 01.30.2017 at 10:59pm #

    Yep, tried springs right off the bat on the advice of an acoustical engineer who helped me calculate the weight etc. He didn’t factor in that springs really work if they are UNDER the object giving off the vibration, like a piece of machinery, but for me, amplified the vibration coming up through the floor.

    Please let me know how they turn out for you.

  128. Mini Cooper 02.07.2017 at 9:51am #

    when I asked Google about the vibration a couple of years ago, they suggested fracking or a large tunneling machine working underground. Since both were working in my area, I assumed that was it.

  129. Nela 03.04.2017 at 4:01am #

    I think you are trying to fix the wrong thing, the bed is not the problem. You should take a look at the foundation of the house. Do you have another floor above you? Check the basement as well.

  130. Sally Schneider 03.07.2017 at 11:09am #

    Been there…done that….
    I realize the many posts I’ve written about this means that some readers will miss some, and the info they contain. I live in an eight-storey apartment building made of concrete slab, not a simpler HOUSE. So yeah, we’ve been trying to track the problem down for ages. Easier said than done. The bed fixes were in the hopes of getting some relief. Thanks anyway.

  131. Jack 04.21.2017 at 3:41pm #

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, I’m also going completely crazy with the vibrations, I think in my case is a construction but I’m not able to locate the source I even went out at 5am to try to find the fount of this vibrations but It was impossible, I definitely gonna try some of your ideas, If nothing works I’m gonna have to move and It’s a shame because I just move to this house.

  132. Sally Schneider 04.24.2017 at 11:05am #

    I’m really sorry to hear you’re having to deal with this.

  133. Maria G 05.09.2017 at 4:08pm #

    Hi Sally,

    I have been trying to find answers to a subterranean vibration that I have been dealing with for a long time now. Feels like a diesel engine idling underground. I live in Washington DC and became aware of the vibrations in 2011 (after the earthquake here). In the past year, I was able to see a connection with the Metro subway here, after problems arose and they had to shut down the tracts for repair. Recently, the residents of a DC neighborhood named Petworth called on the transit system and then the media to help with the vibrations that were shaking their homes, creating cracks and disrupting their lives. They were treated like they were crazy even though the problem was apparent. At least I now have some collaborating evidence, now I have run across your site.

    My daughter feels it only when she goes to get some sun on our flat roof. I feel it 24/7 but it varies in strength. I have felt it across most of the city and the closer to a subway station the stronger it is. Time of day and holidays are another possible factor.

    My daily meditations have helped me cope a bit better with the problem but I really miss the peace I had when they shut down the subway. I own my home and moving is not an answer right now. I have been trying to find someone interested enough to do a study or even an investigation of some kind.

  134. Sally Schneider 05.12.2017 at 9:46am #

    Thanks so much for your email, and the info you’ve sleuthed so carefully. Though I’m very sorry to hear of your dilemma. (I don’t wish this on anyone). There is no doubt in my mind that mechanical vibrations are increasing in urban neighborhoods and most are very difficult to track down. And most people just don’t want to deal with them, prefer to blame the people sensitive enough to feel them. (And I believe, that our sensitivity could be increasing, as our nervous systems are increasingly activated by various stimulants, including wifi.)

    As for taming them, it depends greatly on the frequency (witness all the fixes I tried, in desperation on my bed). The biggest help I’ve found is something that you are onto: practices that quiet the nervous system: meditation, exercise, using a white noise machine, and a few mechanical fixes that can attenuate, but not completely disappear the vibration.

  135. Aaron Janke 06.02.2017 at 12:07pm #

    Hello, I have a similar issue right now. I tried reading through every single post here, but may have missed some of them. I moved out of an apartment because of vibrations and am now in a new place where I’m experiencing them again. I had an interim apartment where i wasn’t feeling vibrations but there I had a bed frame and I was in the basement. I believe my first apartment had three fridges near my room that contributed to the problem.

    Will taking my bed off the floor via a bedframe make a big difference in minimizing vibrations? Is there a particular type of frame that helps? Feel free to email me as well at Janke (dot) aaron at gmail dot com. Thanks, would be super appreciated.

  136. Sally Schneider 06.02.2017 at 9:10pm #

    A bed frame is really helpful. I found wood conducts the vibration way less than metal, so under no circumstances use a metal frame or a bed with metal springs. I used this inexpensive bed as one that I can modify if I like, like putting hardwood boards across the slats, or cutting down the legs. The BEST anti-vibration pad I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) is Diversitech. It really helps.

  137. Terri 06.13.2017 at 12:33am #

    Brass bed, lousy padding under carpet, concrete floor, 18th floor of a 20-floor building, each unit has its own air unit, all are going full blast tonight, and it’s like being in a seedy Vib-o-Matic bed that you but a quarter in to make vibrate. Ready to destroy everything the landlord holds dear. But instead I will try those Diversitech pads you mention above.

  138. Cheryl Carlyle 07.13.2017 at 8:17pm #

    this has been very interesting. We have the same problem but it is from either surround sound or stereo system of our neighbour’s. We can’t locate which neighbour it is doing it. The house is what is shaking. The bed is only shaking because the house is. You have to get the problem at its source which is the house. You can work on the bed but that will only help for a bit. I have to take sleeping pills to sleep and the vibrations wake me up. It doesn’t bother my partner at all. So annoying. I had my ears tested as well. I’m in Canada, thanks, Cheryl.

  139. Dawn C 07.19.2017 at 5:09pm #

    Iv suffered the very same problem 3 years on now so I’m enquiring if you have resolve? Iv been in to ch with every authority to no avail as I suspect the vibrational sound sourcentre is from my nieghbours. .iv had sound monitoring equipment in from environmental which had picked up on an unusual low frequency pattern also an idling deasel genorator but still the authorities have taken no action …

  140. DeeL 10.12.2017 at 11:59pm #

    It is “harassment by a group of control people or someone that does not like you or worse or a nut case type someone!…..and also hoping to get you looking bad or in fights with your family. Nut house scenario is what some say! They can’t have you arrested so they gang up with fiends find everything all the way back to your early life try to set you up!!!to put you away, take your job and separate family!! Now getting back to ideas!!!
    Revenge activity!
    Someone who wants your home or trying to get your put in a Nut House and they try to drive you crazy with a motor, telepathy stolen implant, they hire a person(s) to impersonate a doctor or someone in law or military!. … The shaking device talked about is put in the ground close to your home and know when you are getting ready to go to sleep it’s a physiological attack system and this is what others have said and found out! So you have to know your enemy and anyone who is out to get you and these people might be a groups cult type control commune or compound activity type situation!!! These people are tech knowledge and military but not with ours they are their own learned form others and they think they are freaking bad !
    Others say it’s earthquakes but not from 1000 of miles away, even if it was a 6.5 quake!…
    You have to look at any possibility! But if there is no one else talking about the same problem…. then it’s a psychology set you up or someone does not like you in that area because smart or figured out something about someone and they want it to stop……..can also be a possibility!

    Gas lighting or gang( I think they era being set up also!) or hate person harassment toward you!
    Read about gang / harassment technology
    And Wisconsin has had this stuff and now it’s going everywhere even into the country now!
    There are signs all over down in Milwaukee!
    with all the technology and spy and recording stuff out there!!!!

  141. L N 10.20.2017 at 4:38pm #

    hello. ive just read your post regarding strange vibrations in your bed. i have vibrations in my body, on my new sofa and in my new bed. im seeing doctors to try and work out if i have parasites in my body that also inhabit soft furnishings. i believe they are microscopic and ive also read on various online pages that they are quite common in new buildings. im not sure if youve found a solution to the problem as i cant read through all the replies. just a thought….? maybe its something similar….? i have only included my initials as obviously my condition is personal.

  142. Pete 11.29.2017 at 8:56pm #

    Big spikes on the bottom of the bed, as least contact point as possible. Like HiFi seperates equipment like CD players and especially turn tables are on spikes to stop vibration getting to THEM

  143. Sally Schneider 12.01.2017 at 10:55am #

    Thank you!

  144. Cheryl Carlyle 12.14.2017 at 3:52pm #

    hi, I’ve posted before. It can also be caused by an ear problem which is becoming more prominent. The sound is there, but the hearing problem is called Hyperacusis. It’s easier for you to look it up than me explain it. The sound is legitimately there, we are low frequency noise sufferers and we feel the vibrations as well. I do. But for me, the whole house shakes and vibrates. I only hear and feel it here in the house, not when I go away from it. It’s driving me crazy. It is worse at night. It’s very hard to sleep. So someone has their bass on all day/night, I can hear it. Other people can’t and they think I am nuts.
    Most people should not be able to hear or feel this noise, Hyperacusis is with any noise not just bass shakers. That’s what I think mine is from. Hopefully this might help someone. I appreciate this article so much as it has helped me a lot. Thank you.

  145. Pam Crane 02.07.2018 at 3:51am #

    I have been trying without success to find anyone who has an answer for 3 years’ sleep deprivation which seems – but may of course not be – due to environmental disturbance. Moving house (already done it) is no longer an option. No-one else in my area, nor my husband, can feel the continual, discrete episodes of ground vibration that get into my body and continually shake me awake every night. I had two really bad years when I was pretty well having a breakdown (and I’m having another bad time now.) I was at last referred to a neurologist miles and miles away … who took four months to contact me, by which time I was out of patience and disgusted that I was just left to suffer, so refused to go (I couldn’t take the car vibrations anyway.) I stabilised enough to get through the night on a dose of one Piriton tablet and two Montmorency Cherry capsules, but I stopped these as I was feeling depressed in the morning and worried that the Piriton was causing my memory lapses. I would dearly love to know what changed in me to cause this dreadful problem that bears no resemblance to any other sleep disorder I have heard or read about except Restless Leg Syndrome. I used to get restless legs but it stopped when I changed my undersheet to a coral fleece throw. I do know it’s not entirely my own body systems creating a ‘feedback loop’ as often it is an actual local vehicle that can be identified. I have no idea what else starts and stops all night – washing machines? Dishwashers? CH? Certainly not mine, and the neighbours aren’t owning up. I would so like an answer to my own hyper-sensitivity. Is it a variant on ‘Restless Legs?’ Any input would be welcome, as it has been going on for nearly three years now and I’m pretty desperate.
    I have read all the posts here and will try some of the ideas, with gratitude! My current solution when the vibes are bad is to move onto a camp bed upon which I have an improvised beanbag mattress, home-made from a sleeping bag and polystyrene beads in a long stockinette bag. This helps quite a lot but isn’t ideal. Good luck everyone! At least we aren’t alone in this nightmare.

  146. Sally Schneider 02.07.2018 at 10:13pm #

    Wow, well that is very difficult.
    Much of this may do to having become hyper-sensitive, which is what happened to me due to some medications I had taken. (An acoustical engineer measured the vibration in my place and found that it did exist, but was many times below what most people can feel). So a good tack is to try to find things that calm the nervous system: less caffeine, doing some form of meditation etc. I found tai chi especially helpful. Along with trying things that dampen the vibration (many of which I’ve posted).

  147. Zerthius 03.05.2018 at 5:21am #

    Hello everyone,
    I like many of you suffer from a heightened sensitivity to low frequency noise and vibration. It is awful and made even more so when so many others cannot sense or feel the same vibration that seems impossible to miss. My situation I discovered comes from a local Textile plant that run several Loom machines. These machines run fairly quiet compared to other large industrial machines, however they produce intense vibrations and it if very expensive for companies to mount them properly. My residence is roughly 2000ft away from the textile plant. When multiple Looms are running at the same time, their rpms are not synchronized and thus oscillate at varying speeds. This causes a “beat” phenomena of which the interval can be from a few tens of seconds to a few minutes, Besides these “beats” that happen, my house oscillates so intensely at night that it is essntially impossible for me to fall asleep. I basically become so exhausted that I pass out for a couple hours at a time before I’m jostled awake again. It is absolutely beyond the pale.
    It is very expensive to install the proper isolation foundation for these machines and I believe some textile plants simply don’t do it, like the plant near me. My guess is for two reasons, cost savings and a very low, if not non-exsistant understanding of vibrations or wave propagation.
    As much as I loath to say this but your only option really may be to find a way to move if your issue is the same as mine. Getting a million dollar company to stop their machines is a pipe dream, getting them to stop them and spend the money to put proper isolation foundations under their machines is almost just as ludicrous. I’m sorry for not offering an easier solution but maybe I’ve helped some of you identify where you’re vibrations are coming from.

  148. Sally Schneider 03.07.2018 at 11:49am #

    Thanks very much for your very good info. No doubt it will be helpful to many.

  149. Aussie 03.13.2018 at 11:55pm #

    Hello all,

    I too, suffer from heightened sensitivity to vibration and noise. I am a VERY light sleeper, usually using ear plugs nightly. I recently moved into a new apartment, I was unaware that there was an automotive stamping facility across the street…. This facility runs a third shift, meaning it operates overnight (midnight to 5am) and produces a low thud (audible when standing outside) that shakes my place intermittently approximately every 5 seconds. After a month of not being able to sleep, I turned to google and found this blog, I was happy to find I was not alone in this crisis.

    I have a metal bed frame with wooden slats supporting a firm memory foam mattress.

    I have tried many of the solutions recommended here, but have finally crafted a simple one that really works for me –

    Under each bed post I have two square pieces of 2×4 wood stacked up, on top of those is a standard rubber absorption pad purchased off of amazon (Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad, 4″ x 4″ x 7/8″).

    I have tried different combinations: rubber on the floor, followed by the 2 pieces of wood; rubber sandwiched between the wood. Those dont work for some reason.

    I hope this inexpensive fix helps anyone that is also dealing with a low thudding vibration! Goodluck to all!

  150. Julie Grover 03.15.2018 at 11:47pm #

    Have you thought about geopathogenic stress zones? I am going to buy a Vernada Geo from a company called Spinor in Bulgaria. Wesbsite I also have the horrible vibrations and I think it is caused by currents of water flowing underground, perhaps combined with electro-magnetic lines called the Curry Grid and the Hartman Grid. You say that there was no vibration on the terrace so this may be the problem. The underground water flows can be quite wide. Check out David Wilcock’s show Wisdom Teachings on; he has several episodes about this, one I think was called “Geopathic Stress Zones: X Marks the Spot”

  151. Sally Schneider 03.20.2018 at 7:42pm #

    Thank you. I’ll look into it.

  152. Sally Schneider 03.20.2018 at 7:43pm #

    Thank you. I’ve been planning to do another post about the great Diversitech anti-vibration pads, which I’ve found work as well, in a slightly different configuration.

  153. Tumi 04.05.2018 at 12:38pm #

    Sadly this is usually cause of an evil neighbor. I have the same problem and I have determined that my neighbor is using some kind of electronic devise. I feel the heat, vibration and then feels like my body is burning in heat. The thing seems to follow me everywhere I go in the house. It seems like he knows exactly where in the house I am at and even my dog is feeling the same. I tried to use the switchboard , rubber mats, tin foil and nothing helps. Someone said the vibrating heat doesn’t go through carpet. Not sure how true that is. Sadly: there is nothing police or anyone can do because this is a crime that makes you look crazy when you try to explain it. I had a friend sleep over and she felt lil heat vibrating but I felt most of it – regardless which side of the bed I slept in.

  154. Jillyn Clark 04.17.2018 at 7:35pm #

    Right there with you. I have a problem with a very sensitive body. I feel the vibration of the ceiling fan on the ceiling but vibrating the concrete floor of my bedroom. Shaking my bed too. I have had my husband and son try to feel the vibrations but they feel nothing. I feel the compression for the A/C when it is running. I feel the neighbors A/C when it kicks on. I hear them too. At first I thought I was crazy but went to stay with my son and the problem followed me. Turn off the ceiling fan and vibration stops. Need the ceiling fan so I just have to get used to the vibration.

  155. Sally Schneider 04.24.2018 at 7:57pm #

    I find that much of the challenge of this is in finding ways to support a sensitive nervous system, IN ADDITION to physical modifications of the space around me. It is an ongoing set of practices to keep it “calmed” as well.

  156. Ray 06.20.2018 at 3:47pm #

    Have you tried building a second floor, sleeping on the roof, or changing your foundation to something that is not a slab?
    Or moving to a building that does not have a slab foundation?
    Do you have any neighbors who would let you sleep at their house for a few nights to see if it still happens in a place near you that does not have a slab?

    We have a slab foundation and I am in the same boat as you.

  157. Sally Schneider 06.20.2018 at 5:58pm #

    Thank you for your suggestions.

  158. Sica 07.04.2018 at 2:12pm #

    Have you tried a memory foam mattress? We had no issues with memory foam. Our issues started with a hybid bed.

  159. Sally Schneider 07.09.2018 at 6:16pm #

    Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve never enjoyed sleeping on pure memory foam. But I do have a memory foam topper, and have tested it on and off the bed: no change.

  160. Houk 09.18.2018 at 4:42am #

    Hi Sally, I would like to know if the spikes finally did anything to help against the vibrations. Thanks.

  161. Sally Schneider 09.18.2018 at 11:30am #

    I researched the spikes but didn’t try them…yet. The vibration problem subsided for me, so I have been busy solving other ones (: .

  162. Jan Mitchell 11.26.2018 at 5:39pm #

    I’m heartened to read that I’m not the only person who is or has become hyper-sensitive to vibrations. I live in a high-rise condo and this on again and off again vibration which can affect all the floors in my suite, started about 4 months ago. Property management and maintenance has no idea what it might be. I’ve had one person from maintenance and one person on my condo board come up to my suite when I’m feeling and — guess what — they feel nothing. I’ve bought a sleeping bag and on nights when it is impossible to sleep in my suite – whether in my bed or on the couch – I sleep in my car! Unbelievable. When it does occur at night it always stops between 2:30-3:30 am. Sometimes it starts at 6pm or sometimes on a Sunday morning it will start at around 8am and then fade away about 45 minutes later. I’ve spent so much time listening to other people’s suites in the hallways to no avail. The building is concrete. Each suite has a convector in the main rooms which is thermostat-controlled – for both heat and ac. There is no solution and I can’t live like this. I’m getting packing boxes and starting to pack up in order to move and sell my place. As long as I can sleep in my car on the bad nights I think I can last. Cars are in our underground heated garage so I’m not sleeping outside. I feel like a homeless person.

  163. Sally Schneider 12.02.2018 at 8:26pm #

    I’m so very sorry to read what you have been experiencing, and that there seems to be no solution. My building is concrete as well. And that may be an important key. And the other is that you are more sensitive than most people, as I am. I have stood in a neighbor’s apartment feeling their floor vibrate and they felt nothing.

  164. Rudd Still 12.06.2018 at 11:30pm #

    The problem is not what u may think. If you are sleeping on an inner spring matress that is werein your problem is . inner spring mattresses are in eccence coil arrays that gather all of the dirty energy from your homes ac lines and it sends it upwards into your body when you lay on it giving the sensation that the bed is vibrating or pulsating. It took me years to figure this out. Solution. Sleep on something other than coil springs and minimize as much as posible the electronic devices in your bedroom while sleeping.

  165. Sally Schneider 12.12.2018 at 2:13pm #

    I tried different mattresses so no avail (and have never had an innerspring mattress)…but swapping out the metal bed frame for a wood one made a huge difference. For sure not having electronic devices in the bedroom makes a HUGE difference.

  166. Eric w 04.11.2019 at 9:04pm #

    It is not actually your bed… There is a low frequency wave that causes your body to vibrate. It can transfer throughout your body and feels almost like a heartbeat. For me it is in my heart, feet and near my heart. There is a bunch of other stuff invloved and something that is more disgusting… It is being caused by an organization/government… i have more information that id like to share. Shoot me a message at [email protected]

  167. KDLANG 04.20.2019 at 8:40am #

    I have the same problem everyone else does. At first I thought it was from passing trains vibrating the whole house. But others can’t feel it when they come over. And I’ll feel it when trains are no where to be found. I thought it might be something with the post office roof unit transmitting waves from across the street. Now I think that I’m just sensitive to vibrations and sounds. I have my bed raised which doesn’t help. I’ve tried the rubber blocks listed above but they were little help. I just brought this place and I can’t move for another three years at least. But I want a full nights sleep and a quiet house! I’m gonna track when it gets really bad by the days and times to see if there’s any correlation with times. I do feel like it’s something outside of this house but what?!?

  168. Dr Jonathan 08.27.2019 at 9:08pm #

    I have the same problem

    Things to try

    Cutting down on iron in your food
    Check for a near by air conditioning units.
    The bearings some times vibrate.
    Check the floor is vibrating and an not the bed

    Try moving your mattress into another room on the floor and turning off the power from the mains..
    this one works.

    Try a inflatable mattress,
    Try stopping in a hotel overnight and see if you get the same symptoms.

    Note down what time the vibration start
    Mine is around 2.30
    Will have some more tips next week

  169. Sally Schneider 08.29.2019 at 10:03am #

    Thanks. I’ve tried most of your suggestions, of course…. Please read the many associated posts.

  170. Redwhale 09.12.2019 at 5:43pm #

    Hi Sally Schneider have you yet found a solution to your vibrating bed ? Iv been followed yr post for a few yrs now as have the very same problem its hell for sure and i do suspect my nieghbours are running a generator and possible weed grow its the equipment they use iv been reporting this case for yrs to no avail although environment monitoring equipment picked up on an idling deasel generator and unusual frequencies in my home E.H has done nothing about this problem so my missery like yours goes on and on

  171. Laurie Novack 09.20.2019 at 7:03pm #

    I have suffered this in two different apartment buildings in two different countries. The first time it occurred we tracked it down to a strong window air conditioning unit that was installed two floors below our apartment. They had put it in the window with no foam or padding and the ac unit sent vibrations up the steel reinforced window frames and walls of the building. The further away from the ac unit the stronger the vibration were felt. When the machine was turned off the vibrations stopped. They ran the thing all day and night to block city noise. When we discovered it was the culprit the tenant reinstalled the ac unit with padding and the vibration stopped after 18months of torture.

    In the next apartment the vibrations were very bad and it was discovered to be caused by a Miele front load washing machine and dryer. Those machines are amazing and super powerful unfortunately people place them in their home directly on the floor and the vibrations of the spin cycle go through building material. It has been a nightmare because the wash cycle can take up to 2 hours and then the vibrations linger in the body well after the machine has stopped.

    Suprisingly the vibrations are felt more strongly the further away you are from the culprit so these things are usually not caused by the neighbour you are adjacent to. Consider apartments 2 or more floors away in the same line. The waves get bigger and more irritating as they emanate further from th source.

    Good luck!

  172. Jim 10.03.2019 at 11:42am #

    I wrote once but do not see my post. I discovered my vibration was being caused by radio equipment. The downstairs occupants were pointing a radio in transmission mode with a high gain antenna. This increases the output wattage several fold. Being within 6 ft of the antenna will cause the thermal effect ( heat ) and burn you with a long enough exposure. Your tissue is being vibrated by EMF radiation i.e. the water in the cells of your body are being vibrated to the point of generating heat. In my case my apt is becoming a microwave oven and I am the item being cooked. And of course the idiot police do nothing.

  173. Sally Schneider 10.08.2019 at 10:52pm #

    There are a number of posts about vibration. I recommend you do a search of Improvised Life to see them all.

  174. Anita 10.11.2019 at 7:13pm #

    I’m at a complete loss. I just moved because of constant 24 hrs a day 7 days a week harassment by our neighbours on either side of us for 1 year and 3 months. It was the top floor condo 4 story building. I lost my job due to sleep deprivation and also became ill within last few months before leaving. The New place is also the top floor of a condo but a corner unit with no one on the side where the 2nd bedroom is. I figured if our neighbour happens to be horrible as well I will always have the other bedroom as an option to sleep! WRONG!!! BEEN here 2 weeks only and the first night lovely, no noise besides my husband snoring. I use earbuds with white noise and thunderstorm sounds to help me sleep as I am a light sleeper.
    First we would hear doors slamming and stomping but this was not an issue for me as it was a serious improvement compared to last situation. I spoke too soon. The vibrations began midday 2nd day. They would radiate through the whole unit feeling them when sitting or lying on any surface. That night had to get up to use bathroom at 2am very quietly and 15 min after getting back into bed banging on the wall began. It continued off and on for about an hour then began again at 5am for about an hour or more. The vibrations upped in intensity and were almost constant throughout day and night. My husband, not surprisingly, can’t feel them…he could be molested while he’s sleeping and wouldn’t know it that’s how deep of a sleeper he is. No joke! I can’t sleep anywhere in our new place. I tried the floor in den, the couch, the spare bedroom and the vibrations are just as intense everywhere else. I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself I am so sleep deprived like I said it was a year and 3 months at our old place and we just moved 2 weeks ago and I have not had one decent night’s sleep that whole time. I’ve even attempted to sleep in my car at the old place but it’s so small and cramped it’s insanely uncomfortable. I’ve even thought about sleeping on the balcony. or in the stairwell because my situation is so desperate. Even taking a bath here to de-stress I feel the vibrations and it’s not relaxing at all. Because of the banging on the walls and the last experience I already know what type of person or people we’re dealing with and it would be no point in trying to talk to them This is purely malicious and I don’t know what to do we just moved there’s not even a possibility of moving again at this point. And with sleep deprivation I know I’m not thinking right I’m a complete mess and I don’t see any way out of this. At the last place I took recordings of all the banging on the walls all night, they were throwing rocks at our Barbecue on the balcony it was endless and management did nothing so I know with vibrations that can’t be heard, I don’t see anything being done. I don’t know if it’s a vibrating bed with different settings or what, but its running at different intensities throughout the day I don’t even have the opportunity to sleep I feel hopeless and so distressed. There is no possible way for me to progress let alone have any type of life being constantly sleep deprived due specifically to evil neighbours.

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