Non-toxic DIY Tip #10,833: PAM Fly Eliminator

We have an infestation of flies in this Southern California heat. Particularly in the kitchen. Having no screens no doubt complicate the issue. But, hey, we haven’t really had to deal with this before.

In a fit of rage I started shooting them down this afternoon with PAM oil spray wherever they landed. Overjoyed to see each little black bastard expire, coated in a morass of 100% natural oil.

A quick swipe with a (biodegradable, recyclable) paper towel towel–avert your eyes as they writhe–and bingo! Fly toast.

This ranks right up there for me with pouring lines of cinnamon over ant trails to divert them. Another homely, non-toxic solution.

Haven’t got the roaches sussed yet.


Susan Dworski

Editor’s Note: For the occcasional and very irritating fly or two that comes through OUR terrace door, we swear by this wood and leather fly swatter. It looks good AND does the job, delivering a powerful blow.

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