Clever Hardwood Board Uses (with Resources)

This clever bread board bird feeder reminded us of the endless odd permutations on the theme of bread boards we’ve written about before, and of the vast possibilities for using wood planks in general for household projects, from a ledge to perch on top of the back of the toilet tank to a low bookshelf bench set on stones…

low shelf bench altar

you are the river

…or you can just strap together a stack of boards

bench made of strapped together boards

Our daily favorite cutting board’s are only 6-inchs and 7 1/2-inches wide (we use big wide ones when we’re cooking for a crowd). We admire our friend Maria Robledo’s collection of multi-size cutting boards her husband Holton made…sculptures unto themselves…

Maria Robledo

Maria Robledo

Wood planks also make good trivets…



And of course, there are headboards

Ashley Bruhn / Hither & Thither

Ashley Bruhn / Hither & Thither

Salvaged Wood:headboard

Our idea of a good time is browsing Ebay for inspiring hunks of wood for projects around the house. Of late our favorite sellers are Curly Logger Francis and  Cook’s Woods who has hard wood boards of varying widths at very good prices.

Top photo via Holton Rower

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