Painted Oriented Strand Board Floors

Remodelista recently featured the clever redesign of a 430-square foot-apartment in a century-old row house in Antwerp, the work of Belgian architecture firm Komaan! —translation, “Come on!”

It’s full of good ideas, including clever layout that creates a fluid space with lots of storage, and interesting use of plywood,  but our favorite is the floors: sheets of Oriented Strand Board, known as OSB, painted high-gloss white.

OSB in its natural state is inexpensive engineered wood particle board formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations, creating a rough and variegated surface:

Lionel Allorge

Lionel Allorge

We imagine the floor would have been installed similar to our plywood floors: 4’x’8′ sheets placed flat and screwed down to the underfloor, with a thin layer of cushioning material underneath. Unlike painted plywood, however, OSB floors painted high gloss would show the material’s variegated pattern, which we’re thinking would be both appealing and surprising.

Lisa Van Damme

Lisa Van Damme

Although the images don’t have a huge amount of detail, if you look close, you get an idea.

Lisa Van Damme

Lisa Van Damme


via Remodelista

3 Responses to Painted Oriented Strand Board Floors

  1. sharon bradley 10.17.2014 at 9:07am #

    Completely unpractical to live with!!! An all white porous floor?

    Makes a nice magazine photo, but not a liveable product.

  2. Sally 10.17.2014 at 10:36am #

    Hi gloss paint isn’t porous in my experience, especially if it has been sealed. The question is: what does the paint do the subtle texture of the OSB…does dirt get lodge in “edges” of the strands or not…?

  3. living room furniture in Hackensack 09.24.2018 at 12:53am #

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