Max Lamb’s Inspired Furniture

We’ve written quite a bit about Max Lamb in the past because of his unique ability to combine art and simple practical design. An integral component of his art is showing people HOW he made it. At you can see illuminating how-to’s on just about all his pieces.

His latest work is his Marmorial series of furniture. We had to look up “marmoreal”; it means “made of or likened to marble“. Lamb created an engineered, multipurpose material made by binding large chunks of Italian marble fragments—in a gorgeous palette of green, red, ochre, and white. with a rather small amount of polyester resin.

Lamb’s marmoreal SO beats all the ersatz stones we see at Home Depot. We’ve seen nothing else like it. We’d be happy to even find a laminate that looked like it.

As with all Lamb’s furniture, the simplicity of design makes you want to go make something yourself.

Max Lamb Marmoreal 1

Look at any of the Marmoreal tables, chairs, benches, and shelves, and their simple, architectonic forms is readily apparent, and copy-able.


Max Lamb Marmoreal 2

You can buy them here or just work with Lamb’s idea.

via L’Arco Baleno


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