Forssman, the Heart Pioneer who Used Himself as a Guinea Pig

Reading the illustrated walls of the hospital waiting room a couple of weeks ago, we learned this compelling little fact about Werner Forssmann, one of the pioneers of heart catheterization. He had the idea that you could thread a healing device through an artery and into the heart.

Then he tried it on himself.

At Improvised Life, we are big believers in the “try things out” school of discovery and creating. 

cardiac innovator

Having been continually disappointed by “experts” (check out our Annals of Bad Design), we’ve discovered that by doing serious research, learning all we can, and making calculated decisions, the best, most powerful action we can take is trying things out in our life, on ourselves, to learn, and find what works for us, NOT necessarly everyone else.

In the process we also find out what DOESN’T work (and therein lies the need to be prudent, if there’s any danger to life and limb).


Werner Forssmann’s risky experiment pioneered techniques that would save our dear friend’s life almost six decades later.  He reminds that nothing new can happen without taking a risk.


Sweaty Wisdom

Sweaty Wisdom


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