Playing for Change’s Glorious, Global “Stand by Me”

(Video link here.)  In 2005, Mark Johnson was walking in Santa Monica, California, when he heard Roger Ridley singing “Stand By Me” with stunning soul and conviction. Mark asked, “With a voice like yours, why are you singing on the streets?” 

Roger replied, “Man I’m in the Joy business, I come out to be with the people.” 

Mark returned with a recording equipment and cameras to record Roger for Playing for Change, a movement he started with Whitney Kroenke to record “the inspiration and heartbeat of the people”, through music.

It was the start of this surprising, crazy-beautiful rendition of Ben E. King’s 1960’s classic Stand By Me performed across many countries and cultures: a quick world tour of joy…

(We want to be in th JOY BUSINESS!!!!)


With thanks to Chris Eldredge for sending it our way!


5 Responses to Playing for Change’s Glorious, Global “Stand by Me”

  1. ellen rocco 10.20.2014 at 8:13am #

    Thank you, thank you, thank you – and Chris Eldredge too! What a way to start the day.

  2. Ann 10.20.2014 at 10:54am #

    This is wonderful. I wanted it to go on and on. Thanks for kicking off my week this way!

  3. Sally 10.20.2014 at 12:29pm #

    So glad you like it. I listened to it over and over last night…and then again this morning. It really set up the day.

  4. susan dworski 10.20.2014 at 6:58pm #

    Oh, YEAH!

  5. ellen rocco 06.19.2018 at 7:45am #

    I just came on this again while reading the post on Deborah Domanski. IT IS STILL GREAT and just what I needed to get myself out of a funk this morning. Thank you all over again.

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