Tree Branch Book Shelf + Cut-Out

We discovered artisan/designer Olivier Dolle‘s lovely tree branch book shelf when reader Kevin Neff sent us an Instructable for a cardboard version inspired by it. We find the wooden one quite beautiful and appreciate its asymmetry, unusual in shelving.

The cardboard version has it’s own charm. 

Tree Shelf Olivier Dolle2

We admire the thinking behind it, and the ATTEMPT, though the finished version took  so many steps to complet we wondered why not try it in plywood.  But we did get one fine idea from it.

CrazyClever of Instructables

CrazyClever of Instructables

We LOVE the early step of a placing a cardboard cutout on the wall to block out the shelf. It reminds us of Matisse’s cut-outs; we can imagine just that simple, evocativ3 cut-out on the wall.

Crazy Clever of Instructables

Crazy Clever of Instructables

Thanks Kevin!

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