Space Launch Tonight + A Noguchi View from Space

In 1947, American Sculpture Isamu Noguchi designed but never executed a face formed by huge mounds of sand. It was meant to be a  Sculpture to be Seen from Mars, visible only from outer space; the nose was to be projected one mile high.

Had it been realized, it’s what the Antares Rocket, scheduled to launch this evening at 6:19 ET IF all goes well and the skies are clear, would see on the way to the International Space Station. The rocket itself will be viewable from South Carolina to Massachusetts.

Check here for details.

Top image via Mondoblogo

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  1. Shaker Suzanne 10.29.2014 at 8:00am #

    Loving your posts every morning..
    What a mind of wonder and curiosity .
    Hope all is well up there in your space station!

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