Wake up SILLY with OK Go (+Dig the Robo Scooter!)

(Video link HERE.) OK Go’s wondrous new video is a strangely perfect way to start your day: silly, happy, beautiful. We watched, grooving, with the music on for a minute or so.  But we found it even more beautiful with the music OFF. 

We WANT one of those robot scooters the band whizzes around on. They’re prototypes called the Uni-Cub created by Honda Robotics, “a new mobility device designed for harmony with people“, steered by the rider leaning in different directions.

Dig this rather surreal promo video (link here); it gets really hilarious at about 1:45 when you see strange “harmony with people” in action:

Now that we see the Uni-Cub in ‘er real life, we don’t know what we’d do with one (unless we were doing some OK Go-type choreography). Why not walk?


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