Indoor, Portable and Fur-Covered Stoops

Having grown up as outdoor brownstone stoop sitters, we were intrigued by Thing Industries’ Indoor Stoop. It’s a shelf, a staircase to something higher up, a drawer unit, shelves, and, well, a stoop to sit on.

Featuring three soft-close drawers with peg board surface, the Indoor Stoop works well in any area of your space for storage of clothes, books, stationary, papers, kitchen supplies…just about anything. It can also be used as a step ladder for reaching things, a display area for showing things, or as extra seating. It would make a very good library ladder, allowing you to pick a book on a tall shelf, and then sit down right there and read it.

The only things missing are the breezes and the always-changing view going by — the true delights of an outdoor stoop.

Josh Owen’s portable stoop bench, made of Corian, allows for that, but without the storage benefits of the Indoor Stoop. It might be a bit heavy to move around…

stoop bench portable

But it’s a way to have a stoop experience when you don’t have a real stoop.



Here’s a final amazing bit of inspiration on the theme of portable stoops: a fur stoop designed by Andrew Wagner, one of the founding editors of Dwell magazine…

fur stoop


via Swiss-Miss

3 Responses to Indoor, Portable and Fur-Covered Stoops

  1. kimithy 11.14.2014 at 4:54pm #

    I also love the form this takes in less dense neighborhoods (stoops are a thing of buildings, vs. houses) – porch-sitting 🙂

  2. Donna trott 11.01.2015 at 1:40am #

    How about one that fits into s corner and looks more like an outdoor stoop

  3. Sally 11.01.2015 at 5:13pm #

    REALLY good idea!

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