Cool Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Dispenser

We use Kraft paper all the time for jobs around the house — as a big page to block out ideas, a drawable tablecloth, decoratable wrapping paper, table protection when doing messy projects, and desk blotter/notepad. Right now, we have the roll standing upright in our tool closet. When we need paper, we have to unroll it and cut with a utility knife. Having easy access for when the mood/need hits would be a boon.

So we are really taken with George & Willy’s Studio Roller a wall-mounted, kraft paper roll dispenser that easily lets you pull out a section of paper when you need it.

Kraft Wall-Mount 2

It would be great in a kitchen, work room, or kid’s room for impromptu projects…

Kraft Wall-Mount 3

It’s footprint can be customized:

Kraft Wall-Mount 4

We found a less expensive version here

yellow Kraft paper + dispenser

Along with the discovery of yellow kraft paper!

6 Responses to Cool Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Dispenser

  1. Elizabeth Wang 11.11.2014 at 2:51pm #

    George and Willy sells the roller on Etsy, easier for Americans:

  2. Sally 11.11.2014 at 5:18pm #

    Elizabeth, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I swapped out the link for the German store…MUCH easier.

  3. A 09.16.2015 at 10:49pm #

    What’s the link to the cheaper Kraft paper dispenser with yellow paper?

  4. Sally 09.21.2015 at 1:24pm #

    Just follow the link above the image and type “Kraft paper” into the Search box.

  5. Yvette 03.20.2016 at 6:19pm #

    I just purchased a 40 inch wide roll of craft paper. Do you have holders that would accommodate this?

  6. Sally Schneider 03.20.2016 at 7:12pm #

    I think you must mean a 48″-inch wide roll, as 40″ is not a standard size. There are some cool kraft paper dispensers here, including a black one and a couple of vertical models, which would allow you to keep it in a closet. If your roll is 40″ wide, I’m sure they’d accomodate it.

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