A Metal Frame Lounge Chair-Fort

The forts and bunkers of his childhood inspired Czech designer Michael Tomalik to design a wire frame chair that is “a place of convenience, comfort and personal repose“. His monkey-bar-ish construction is a kind of grownup fort, made comfortable with giant pillows and outfitted with books,  plants, and a light (to which we’d add a shade and dimmer).

Lounge Chair Fort 2

We’re wondering about building our own version out of the copper and black pipe that always sparks our imagination at the hardware store, and which we’ve seen used as wonderful furniture material.

David John

David John

pipe shelves possible large

Manhattan Clean Line

Manhattan Clean Line

The all fit together like a giant toy construction kit: straight pipes fitting into connectors in various configurations…



This fort/nest would be quite beautiful in copper.

Lounge Chair Fort 3

Would you use such a nest?

via Designboom

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