Timelapse Video of Earth: Meditation Practice + Reminder

(Video link HERE.)  A few days ago, we wrote a post asking ourselves just how we view the universe we live in: friend or foe. We’ve come to realize that there are so many dark things going on in the news and our world, not to mention our own internal fears, that viewing the universe as friendly can be a practice that needs to be cultivated. At Improvised Life, that’s one of the things we try to do: foster the positive vision we believe to be true and provide reminders, for ourselves and our readers.

Here is a beauty: a time-lapse video of Earth as imaged by the Elektro-L weather satellite, from May 15th to May 19th, 2011, 40,000 kilometers above the Indian Ocean. Because the satellite orbits at a speed that allows it to remain over the same spot as the Earth rotates, it affords a macro view of the wondrous changes that occur as we go about our daily lives. We see it as a meditation.

Other affirmations of the great friendliness and kindness of the universe have come recently in smaller-but-no-less-powerful forms: in Comments and emails from Improvised Life readers telling us to take the time we need to navigate the difficult waters we’ve recently found ourselves in, that they will be here, still, whenever we return. To them we extend our deepest gratitude.

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2 Responses to Timelapse Video of Earth: Meditation Practice + Reminder

  1. ellen rocco 12.03.2014 at 9:09am #

    Good morning.this is lovely but my post is really to ask a different question. I hope that’s okay

    Back in 2011 there was a post about lightbulb a The Lightbulb Dilemma: Looking For Beautiful Light, Environmentally-Friendly
    I am wondering if there has been an update that I might have missed – and if so, how would I find it?

    I truly, truly love IP and always want to hug you for the gift of it…

  2. Sally 12.08.2014 at 1:10pm #

    The last update we posted was in January 2014: Light Bulb Strategies. Although I have been testing LEDs, I have yet to find a pleasing one so am still using a halogen hybrid. Recently a reader mentioned one she found through the Wirecutter that I will test. It IS time for an update. Thanks for the reminder.

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