Blue Painter’s Tape Labels for Pantry Staples

We’ve long been fans of blue painter’s tape, which we’ve used to plan our space, not to mention make unexpected artworks (our favorite being this visionary abstract work created on a window). Now we’re smitten with the labels Maria Robledo made for her jars of staples. Her walk-in pantry houses a lovely collection of vessels, wine glasses, cookbooks, standing mixer and pantry staples. The blue tape adds a curiously charming touch, a livelier spin on the hand-written masking tape labels I’ve seen in farm houses.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Each jar has a pleasing character of its own, and the consistency of the BLUE makes for calm signs, rather than a barage of words.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

We’ve rarely seen jars of grains look so pretty.

One Response to Blue Painter’s Tape Labels for Pantry Staples

  1. kimithy 01.27.2016 at 11:58am #

    I pinned this image over a year ago for the day when we’d have a proper pantry – and ended up using the blue-tape-labels on our kitchen cabinets when we moved recently to identify what was inside. We’re accustomed (and prefer) open shelving, so having everything behind closed doors in our new apartment was offputting, until I remembered this image. Up went the tape, with labels like “baking stuff”, “dishes”, “junk drawer”, and “zippies and wraps”. 4 months later, those blue tape labels are STILL on the cabinets, because we love both the utility and the novelty 🙂

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