Stylish Painted Plywood Sofas, DIYable

Feeling under-the-weather, we surfed the ever-inspiring Aqqindex and came across two seriously-stylish painted wood sofas, the top designed by Salvati and Tresoldi in 1978, the one below from Maison de Vacances designed Andre Monpoix in 1963.  We imagined them as DIY’s we could make out of plywood and started hunting for more examples to…copy. 

painted plywood sofa Andre Monpoix, Maison de Vacances, 1963*

Most were from the 60’s and 70’s, a fertile time in plywood design. Dig this green KHO LAING LI beauty by Artifort France designed in 1960. Part of the angled base is upholstered but would be fine as simple painted ply:

painted plywood sofa KHO LAING LI sofa Artifort France, 1960 plywood, upholstery

At Jason VanHoose’ Pinterest, we found an interesting notched design made out of birch and orange-painted plywood (no provenance mentioned). We like the unfinished edges of Baltic birch and can imagine it paint high gloss white or ….pink perhaps:

painted plywood sofa orange 1 Jason VanHoose pinterest

painted playwood sofa orange 2 Jason VanHoose pinterest

We also found a simple plan that would be a useful starting point in designing a plywood sofa.

plywood sofa angels diagram Jason VanHoose pinterest

The basic formula: a plywood structure and foam sofa cushions. The possible combinations of paint color and fabrics are endless…

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