Bohemium Homes: An Alt Kind of Eye Candy

We browse A LOT of websites in our search for illuminating content for Improvised Life that will inspire new ways of viewing every aspect of the everyday. We have a special fondness for interiors as we hunt for ideas we can apply to our own space, if only in our imagination. But we have grown tired of the ubiquitous, sterile, faux mid-century spaces and want to yell “HELLO, does anybody live there???!!!!”

We are always curiously relieved and delighted when we come across images from Bohemium Homes, an ALT-interiors site whose mandate is “Chilled out, lazy, Eclectic and Bohemian Homes”.

In these chilled out, lazy, often messy rooms we find both rest, an affirmation of real life, and many ideas.  Here are some favorites:

We love the sofa-on-the-floor, above, made from an array of cushions, the LOW hung lamp, and the moderne patchwork quilt hung on a side hanger.

This quirky bedroom is a mix of pleasingly messy — pictures askew, and the shadows of former ones on the mottled blue wall, left as is — and pleasantly tidy, with a neatly made bed. In reach are good things to read and drink, and light. Lovely.

We love the blue-black paint of this library, and the artworks and objets chilling out the books.  Why not hang pictures off the shelves?

Michael Graydon

Michael Graydon

How nice to have a sofa perched under a tree, with a cool makeshift coffee table —diy-able: wood stand with glass top— and a SWELL sign.

A room with a hammock, after our own hearts. We like the low shelf that surrounds the room.

2 Responses to Bohemium Homes: An Alt Kind of Eye Candy

  1. kimithy 02.13.2015 at 12:47pm #

    I’ve been feeling equally exasperated at the homogenity of many of the design sites I frequent of late – sterile, white, “mid-century” blends with all the same embellishments (hello, faux taxidermy and typography signs). I love The Selby (and Improvised Life, obvs!) for more realistic, lived-in spaces – these boho homes are great 🙂

  2. Sally 02.15.2015 at 1:15pm #

    “Faux taxidermy and typography signs”…the operating word is FAUX!

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