HOW You See Is What You Get

At But Does it Float, we were struck by this the title of a photography exhibition (not by the photographs). “How you see is what you get” is one of Improvised Life’s essential principles. NOT in the magical thinking way, that we will get everything we want if we just think a certain way.

But in the sense that being aware of the lens through which we are seeing can powerfully determine our experience. And that awareness is a practice; like the amazing little sign Marella Consolini spotted when she consciously tried to shift her thinking during an unpleasant subway commute…

Marella Consolini

Marella Consolini

And Rick Hanson’s assertion that a negative view is hard-wired into us from primitive survival days. But we can practice taking in positive experiences, and in that way, change our brain patterning.


Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson

Today when we found ourselves in an adversarial mindset, we asked ourselves what other ways we could view the situation.

What are the possibilities here? is always the question.


We were very touched when a reader wrote to say:

“Improvised Life is my go-to spot to remember I live in a world much larger than the space I inhabit.” 

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