Valentines: Digital, Analog and Otherwise

Creating a one-inch expression of love to be utilized by millions is no slam dunk as seen in this short conversation with designer Jessica Hische, who created a Forever stamp for the U.S. Postal Service. (Video link HERE.)

I love the harmonious convergence of digital and analog as seen in her workspace with computer cum hand doodled notebooks — especially her digital/analog Valentine exchange with her boyfriend 1:30-1:56 secs — culminating in her affirmation that stamped and handwritten letters continue to be valuable when sending heartfelt messages and announcements about important life passages. Proving once again that texting doesn’t cut it where our deepest human emotions are at stake.

Digital and analog join forces again in Norman Sunshine’s glorious explosion of tulips scribbled on an iPad, above. As they do here in digital images of analog photographs and drawings sent via email

a virtual bunch of flowers

Beatrice da Costa


…and a decoupage flower scanned from the 1948 Modeles de Decoupages, les Albums du Pere Castor, a series of cheap children’s books published by Flammarian.



Whatever your chosen medium, it’s time to bust loose and let the love fly on Valentine’s Day. In fact, why not express those loving feelings all year long – and forever – with mini-artworks and hand drawn doodlings from Your Secret Admirer, stamped and snailed or emailed to your beloved?
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